Blog Post 2

Assignment Prompt

Prompt: For this project, I want you to identify a practice discourse community and do an initial analysis of some written artifact of communication used by that community. For instance, you might pick a local church group, and look at the weekly bulletin it distributes. Likewise, you might identify a more abstract community online that you think might count as a discourse community, in which case you might look at the posts in an online discussion forum instead.

Either way, your job is to look closely at the textual document you identify to try to figure out as much as possible about the discourse community that produced it. So, hunt for the following:

  • What is the shared goal that unites the people in this community? What do they all care about?
  • What does this particular document have to do with helping the community members achieve their shared goal?
  • What specific lexis or community-specific terminology is used in your document?
  • Who wrote this document? Is that person an insider or an outsider in the community? Is he/she talking to other insiders, or to outsiders? How can you tell?

Report your findings either in a straightforward narrative (here's what I studied and here's what I found), or in a research research report style (objectives, methods, findings, etc.)

Specs and rules:

  • Blog posts should be around 500 words if done solo, 800 if done with in pairs
  • Bring a rough draft of your blog post to class for peer feedback on Tuesday, 3/5
  • Complete drafts are due to the blog by 10pm, Thursday, 3/7
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