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Posted on 04 Feb 2013 04:38

Having spoken to my dad about working in the field of engineering, I was at first surprised to hear that most jobs in engineering actually have very little hands-on interaction with building machinery. Rather, if you are working for a company, you will most likely have a desk job that requires managing and organizing the production of particular products and their eventual release into the market. In these positions, the ability to write and communicate well with other people in your work environment and even with potential customers is equally as important as knowledge of technical jargon regarding the machinery. For this reason I feel that writing clearly and effectively is one of the important factors for success in the field of engineering.

With regard to the writing that we will have to do, clearly there will be some sort of focus on relaying scientific and technical information. Therefore, it becomes even more important to communicate technical jargon simply and clearly for several different audiences, including those with experience in the field and those with little to no knowledge of technical language. This is one of the reasons why I feel that the work we did last semester with regard to the use of templates and the importance of addressing your audience in your writing is so important. When considering the use of templates in our writing, we are aiming to convey the information that we are presenting in a standard way that most people can understand. This is why I found the use of subtle templates in my writing to be a highly effective method of structuring my writing and making it clearer. With regard to audience, I feel that it is particularly important to pay attention to the designated audience of your writing. For example, if you were writing for a scholarly, intellectual audience, the language you would use would be different than if you were writing for a more generalized audience. Last semester, I found that the voice I used in my writing varied depending on the genre and audience of my work, and I also found that incorporating my audience into my work almost forced me to write in a way that could be understood by them.

In conclusion, I feel that in order to successfully write in the field of engineering, my writing will have to be structured, concise, and shaped toward particular audiences. I feel that I have already become more comfortable in creating structured writing in a variety of different scenarios based on different genres of writing and different audiences for my writing, and in this semester I hope to get more exposure to helpful writing strategies that will be useful in future work environments.

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