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Posted on 05 Feb 2013 02:55

Most engineers may never regard writing as a main skill. Obviously, the misunderstanding of writing embarrassed those engineers who ignore writing. Anyway, the reason some people choose engineering is that they are not good with speaking or writing. Honestly, I am one of them. But later on after I communicated with some engineers, I regretted how I thought about writing for engineers.As a civil engineer, if I want to get a deal with customers , I need to communicate with my guest. At this moment, I require a good writing skill to persuade them. On the other hand, every time when I express my plan, poor writing may bring me a disastrous resultant. Thus, I expect my writing skill can be much better when I graduate. Many people may think engineers would spend most of their time on outside working such like civil engineers. Unfortunately, mostly engineers just sit in their offices. Desk job is boring but the worse thing is to write documents day by day, so having a good writing skill is imperative. My father is a mechanical engineer. When I was young, he always told me his experience of suffering from writing. He never cared much about writing until he got his first job. One of his colleague is good with both writing and machines and he is my father's superior leader now. I do not want the same thing happen to me so I am trying hard to improve my writing now. I expect to be a good civil engineer in the future, but first I should make a great progress on my writing.

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