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Posted on 19 Apr 2013 00:41

Carol Berkenkotter wrote in her piece that her goal was to find out the mind of writers while they are writing and revising. She had Donald Murray carry around a tape recorder and see what was his process of writing and revising and how he divided up his time while doing so. She then had over a hundred hours of tape playing that basically was just Murray’s thoughts and she had to sort through it all to see what the results of her discussion was. Murray also wrote down what he thought of the process and how it affected his writing and writing process.
The methodology in this study is very meticulous. It involves a lot of time. I don’t think this study will help with my research project since it does not demonstrate the type of methodology I want to be doing. If I was doing this type of methodology, it would help in the fact that it is well formulated in the way the experiment is conducted. Meaning, the way she has Murray do three different types of thinking out loud experiments gives different perspectives on how each type might affect a writer.

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