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Posted on 05 Feb 2013 03:46

One of the things I’ve noticed while researching my current major is that a lot of computer scientists tend to have blogs. While it’s not surprising in this age of social networking to see blogs, what surprises me is the content that is produced. The blogs run by computer scientists tend to be professional or semi-professional blogs, full of examples of code or anecdotes from the professional world. The posts themselves, while maybe not the most stellar examples of writing, all are organized in a coherent manner and are easy enough to follow. In general, blogging has risen to a new level in the professional world: it’s a form of communication halfway between the editorials of newspapers and social networking.

For computer scientists specifically, I’ve found that the posts really are well organized, with relevant links and subsections to each post. One of the daily things computer scientists have to do is split up their code into functions that can be abstracted to their main purpose of the functions. Being able to organize your thoughts into a coherent form is one of the bases of writing. I hope that I will be able to pick up on this skill, because sometimes I find my statements are less than coherent (to put it lightly).

As a writer, I find that my work is much better informal than not, as it flows much more naturally and it really does show whether I care about the subject or not.1 I do like to organize my thoughts all on paper before I write anything, and I feel blogging might be the right kind of medium for me. It is a very free medium, as there aren't many rules for how a blog post should be written. Blogs also allow the aspect of connectivity, as being able to link and reference other works helps the reader follow the writer's train of thought. There is also an artistic aspect to it, because if you just a little bit of CSS or HTML (web programming languages) you can really make your blog look good, because presentation always counts.

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