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Posted on 25 May 2013 02:57

For my midterm proposal, I would like to write a newspaper or magazine article that discusses the value of incorporating group-focused learning into English courses using our class’s wikidot page as a model. The audience would be the board of education of a particular school district. Through my article I would demonstrate how the use of something similar to the wikidot page changes the classroom dynamic from an environment focused on individual, solitary efforts to an environment focused on group learning and collaboration, something closer resembling that of the working world.

I will be analyzing the components of our wikidot page in order to frame and answer many of the big questions that I will be posing in this document. As for the questions I will be attempting to answer, I will first discuss how the wiki operates, then look into what particular purposes each component of the wiki serves, and finally describe why this particular style of teaching will be successful in the particular school district.

As for the goals that I want to achieve in this revision, the first will be for each paragraph to build upon the information I establish in each previous paragraph rather than just repeating myself every paragraph. When I achieve this goal, my essay will transition well between paragraphs and give a very holistic picture upon its completion. The essay will not feel too “blocky” in that the paragraphs don’t connect. The next of my goals will be to connect the ideas of a discourse community into the broader theme of education. I would to take the points that I established about our class as a discourse community in my midterm piece and apply that knowledge into this piece, focusing in on its value in education in a more generic sense. Thirdly, I would like to make sure my piece is grammatically perfect. If I were writing a piece for a professional audience such as an educational board, having any grammatical errors in my piece would be sure to disqualify my paper, therefore I feel it is necessary for my piece to be grammatically perfect.

As a genre model, I would like my piece to look somewhat like a New York Times article similar to this one.

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