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Posted on 25 May 2013 01:58

Time Travel- Speech

I wonder how many of you guys know about Mitchio Kaku and his theorems. Or know Albert Einstein’s unfinished works. I also wonder how many of you see the significance of mathematics applied in everyday innovative idea. Years ago, the idea of time travel was only part of science fiction novels. Today, the topic of time travel has been declared to be very important, and it cannot be left in the hands of science fiction writers. Many people have said that this idea of time travel is impossible, like Saint Augustine who once said: “how can the past and future be, when the past no longer is, and the future is not yet?” Yes, time is definitely one of the greatest mysteries scientists face today, and a time machine is far beyond our technological approach, for this reason time travel only existed among the books of science fiction. Today I will discuss projected ideas from physicists like Michio Kaku, cosmologists like Stephen Hawking. Mathematicians like Albert Einstein, and science fiction writers like H. G Wells and G. Spruill whom also support and believe in time travel. These scientists and writers think that a time machine could be invented. A time machine could be the greatest invention of all time, but it could also a threat to mankind.

“If time travel is possible, then where are the tourists of the future?” Stephen Hawking once said.

Many scientists, mathematicians and physicists in this century, avoided the topic of a time machine only because it seemed impossible and irrational to them. According to Newton, “time was like an arrow, once fired there is no going back”. If Newton‘s theory was true, a law had to be made that prevents humans from traveling back through time. All scientists, mathematicians and physicists have failed to find this law or theory that prevents humans to travel back through time; that is why, one is left with the anxiety to know the possibilities of time travel. One of the scientists who said that time travel is impossible was Stephen Hawking; he stated that:” because there are no visitors from the future, time travel is impossible”. Hawking also claimed that he will find a law that will prevent humans to travel through time; despite his effort, he failed to prove that time travel was not possible. Therefore, he concluded; “Time travel may be possible, but it is not practical”

Stephen Hawking has distinguished himself for his mathematical equations of black holes and time machines. Hawking, who as a youth did not show his full potential became one of the greatest cosmologists of all time. After he was diagnosed with ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis), he began to deal with the hardest problems in General Relativity. [ALS paralyzed of his legs, hands, and vocal cords, but despite these disadvantages, he was more productive than teams of scientists.] He showed that “singularities” in Einstein’s theory plays an essential part of relativity that can be easily dismissed. He also showed that black holes are very different than we had thought, and that they are entirely black that continuously emit radiation.

In A Brief Story of Time by Stephen Hawking, he writes about the possibilities of a future time machine. He explains how the theory of relativity supports time travel. Based on the theory of relativity, nothing can travel faster than the speed of light, which is 2.99792458 *10^8 m/s. He said: “If an expedition were to travel to the nearest star, it would take that expedition about four light-years to get there, and another four light-years to get back. By the time these travelers get home, they will find out that every one they left behind is dead”. Obviously, this is not a good result for those travelers that will reach the speed of light. This means that it will take hundreds of years to travel to the nearest star; however, science fiction writers have imagined starships that can travel faster than the speed of light, but based on the theory of relativity, anything that goes beyond the speed of light will consequently travel through time. This means that a time machine has to travel faster than the speed of light to break the limits or walls of time, and travel through time.

One of the greatest role models of all time is Albert Einstein who inspired people to study what seemed to be impossible. Michio Kaku, one of the great physicists, futurists, and mathematicians of today, was inspired by Albert Einstein. [Kaku, as a child, used to watch the series of Flash Gordon, and because he wanted to know more about futuristic inventions, he devoted his life to science.] In 1955, the year Albert Einstein died, Kaku was only a kid. Every newspaper showed images of Einstein’s desk, with unfinished work. Kaku wondered about the work Einstein left unfinished and asked himself: “what could be so important that the greatest scientist of all time could not finish it?”The answer was Einstein’s dream, The Theory of Everything. After years of study Kaku was able to fulfill his own dream; he was able to answer questions about futuristic inventions and explore the field of science.

In the book Physics of the Impossible by Dr.Michio Kaku, Kaku writes about technological possibilities and impossibilities, and how the impossible has become possible over the years. Kaku discusses the chances of a time machine. According to him, a time machines is possible, but for what he calls, a type two civilization. A type two civilization which is centuries, or millions of years ahead of us, will posses advanced technology. This is the reason why the time machine could be invented in approximately a million or two millions of years from today. He gave a design called “transversable wormholes”, in this design a person could walk back and forth through time. He explained: “For this design to work, negative energy is needed. This design consists in two chambers; each chamber will have two concentric spheres. By exploding these two concentric spheres, a Casmir effect will be created along with negative energy. Now, if a civilization type three is able to string these wormholes in the two chambers, and one of the chambers is sent to outer space at near the speed of light velocity, time will change in the two chambers. Time in the chamber, when in outer space will go faster than the one on earth. If a person walks through the wormhole in the first chamber to the chamber when in outer space, he or she will be traveling through time.”

Perhaps the time machine will not be as we all have seen in movies or read in books, but there are possibilities that it will be invented.

In another one of Dr. Kaku’s book, Beyond Einstein, he refers to the Theory of Relativity as the beginner and main clue that has led to the creation of String Theory. The nature of existence, the nature of reality, and the secret of the universe has an answer and String Theory could help humans find that answer. [However, the problem with this theory is that there has been any one smart enough to solve this theory. It is still waiting. String Theory which goes far beyond Einstein’s dream, The Theory of Everything, could help us solve all the puzzles we see around us. This new theory could help us understand everything we see, touch and feel. It will help us understand space, black holes, wormholes, and time. String Theory could even help us read the mind of god. Time travel and time itself are mysteries until now, but String theory holds the answer.

“Time travel is against reason”, said Filby.
“What reason?” said the Time Traveler.
-H. H. Wells

One of the first novels that began the exploration of a time machine was by H. G. Wells, the author of The Time Machine. In this novel, H. G. Wells writes about a catastrophe one could encounter if a time machine was invented. The story begins when the protagonist, the time traveler, is ready to demonstrate his new invention. For his first demonstration, the protagonist sends his time machine’s prototype into the future. After the presentation, the Time Traveler invites the same group to come again if they wanted to see the real time machine. Before the presentation the protagonist decides to test his machine, unexpectedly the time machine takes him into the year 802,701 AD. Consequently the protagonist finds himself in a paradisiacal world of small humanoids. These humanoids were called Eloi. As the day goes by, he discovers that at night white ape-like creatures called Morlocks, came out of ground. Morlocks who lived below the ground were cannibals, and ate the Elio. The time traveler finds out that morlocks took his time machine. Frightened by the Morlocks, he saves Weena, one of the Elio, and tries to find a place where they will be safe from the Morlocks. He ends up in the Palace of Green Porcelain, which turns out to be a museum. There he finds a weapon. The protagonist accidentally starts a fire. Many Morlocks die, and Weena is killed. When Morlocks thought that they had the time traveler trapped, he gets into the machine and travels into the past. When he returns to the present time he only asks for food from the group he invited for the demonstration. The next day he leaves again with promises that he will return, but he never does.

One does not know what a time traveler will face once he or she travels through time. This will remain unknown until the day the time machine is discovered. How precise will the time machine be, when taking you to a save place? Time travel has great risks because the time traveler does not know what awaits for him or her. As every invention throughout history, the time machine could bring terrible consequences. Most of the inventions have only brought destruction and fear; as H G wells points out in his novel, the time machine could alter history if invented. The time machine of course will be the greatest achievement of mankind, but could alter many of the events that have happened during our time. As Hawking pointed out, it could be used for destruction. An example of this is the creation of nuclear weapons. What if a time traveler goes back in time and gives the Soviet Union the secret of the atomic bomb? What if the traveler travels thousands of years into the past and accidently steps on a mammal that happens to be our ancestor? Then he or she would wipe out the entire human race. History would be impossible to write for the past can be easily altered.

”I wish I'd never invented that infernal time machine.
It's caused nothing but disaster.”
Dr.Emmett - Back To The Future III

Steven Spielberg director of the movie Back to the future, have used many of these terrible outcomes in his movie. In this movie, Marty Mcfly played by Michael J. Fox, who goes accidently back in time with Dr.Emmett’s new invention . Unfortunately, he alters history because his mother falls in love with him. This means that his mother will never meet his future father and he will never born.

Another novel that explores the consequences of a time machine is The Janus Equation. This novel written by G. Spruill tells us of one of the horrible problems with time travel. In this novel, Paul Essian, the protagonist who is a brilliant mathematician, tries to discover the secrets of the time machine. ¬¬¬¬Essian confused by his problems, meets a strange beautiful woman. This woman, Jill Selby, who is also a mathematician, seems to have some sort of connection with Essian. Essian feels strongly attracted to her, and nervous when he is with her. As the novel progresses, Jill and Paul become lovers. Although Essian knows nothing about her, he wants to know her better. Essian becomes intrigued to find out her true identity. The fact that Jill sometimes knew how Essian was feeling seemed awkward. Finally, he discovers that Jill once had plastic surgery to change her features. He also finds out that Jill had a sex change operation. Ultimately, he learns that Jill is actually a time traveler from the future, and that Jill is him but from the future. Jill tells Essian that she has come back to help him solve the equation for the time machine. If it would not have been for her, Essian would have never been able to solve the equation. He/she helped him or herself. Essian could not believe that he made love to himself, that he dared to have a sex change operation, and that he invented the time machine. At the end, she mentions that she had come back from the future many times already.

This tale surely describes a terrible possible action or decision a time traveler might take. What would you do to save yourself? How would you save yourself? This tale also brings up questions like: what would have happened if they had a child? If Jill/ Essian is from the future, that means that there is advanced technology, and that person who changes his or her sex might be able to get pregnant. What if this child that is product of you went back in time and grows up to be the mathematician at the beginning of the story. Would it be possible to be your own father, mother, and son?

According to these scientists, writers, and physicists, the time machine could be created. It might take millions of years of study and work, but it can be created. Although there are possibilities that it might bring catastrophes to mankind, it will be the greatest achievement of all time. Perhaps in the future our civilization has discovered the secrets of time travel, we never know, probably our descendants have achieved this goal, or probably not. Time is a mystery, and the future as well. As Michio Kaku said: “If someday, somebody knocks on your door, and claims to be your great great great grandson, a thousand years into the future, DON’T slam the door because may be your descendant got into a time machine to visit his ancestors”

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