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Posted on 15 Feb 2013 21:01

To: English 21007 Section L

From: Medwin Chiu, Minchang Kang, Christian Salvatierra, Brian Wang, Liudi Yang

Subject: First Project

Date: February 14th, 2013

Following a class period of group thought and discussion, our group has decided the topic of their website and have decided to do TED talks. We feel that there would be a lot to talk about when doing a TED talk: the body language, use of visuals, and overall presentation ability. Indeed, we are so set on doing our project on TED talks that much of our class time was devoted to figuring out how we would proceed with completing this task.

Having discussed the input from each of our members, the group as a collective whole has decided that informational TED talks would be the ideal topic even before we came together and discussed in person. We believe that TED talks “represent a well thought out presentation, which is crucial in the engineering world.” TED talks are videos that if done correctly, can convey ideas in an elegant and concise manner, something that would greatly interest our target audience - high school students.

We have already created a tentative plan in which we will proceed with our project. By using resources such as Chapter 16 and 17 in TWC which outline presentations and visual rhetoric. We also plan on using various TED talks online. With these resources, we plan on creating a website detailing with the thought process behind TED talks.

Our group managed to divide equally amount of work between each group member. We have broken down the composition of TED talks into components: General introduction, Presentation: stage presence, body language and speaking, Content, and Visual/ Demonstrations. Each member will be responsible to discuss their assigned component. By explaining each component in detail we plan on demonstrating how one person can successfully achieve not only TED talks but any presentation in general. We also plan on providing additional information about the topics of TED talks in our website as well. In there one could find several TED talks video clips that would help viewers see what the characteristics and aspects one should have before interacting with your audience.

By next class, we plan on having each member of our group bring in a rough draft of the section they were assigned. We plan on having part of our group work with more experience work on the actual design of the website while the other members will proofread and edit the written pieces we have created. Once the skeleton of the website is complete, we hope to record various group members and creating clips of TED talks on the process of creating TED talks over the course of the following week. After that, we plan on fine tuning our project until the deadline, whether it be actual content within the website or just the aesthetics and overall design.

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