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Posted on 19 Apr 2013 01:35

Carol Berkenkotter utilizes a case study, based on the methods used by Sondra Perl to study 5 unskilled writers, but modified to examine a publishing writer.Over a period of 62 days, Berkenkotter recorded Donald Murray, a professional writer (one we have studied in our class), whenever (and wherever), he was working, including car rides, in restaurants, or even in the doctor's office. In addition, she also had Murray sit down and "think out loud" for an hour, and also had Murray reflect on the process on writing in a lab environment.
For the final session, Berkenkotter maintained a physical presence in the room Murray was working in, while Murray said his thoughts out loud.

Berkenkotter was working towards the goal of learning more about the revising and composing processes that a publishing writer uses (in a more experimental setting than remembered thought processes). Also as a case study, the object of study must be distinctive, which Murray certainly is, in both his writing habits and as a writer.

This methodology might be useful in my study because it provides a framework for analyzing the thoughts of someone while they work. As my study requires the analysis of engineers while problem solving, I feel as though it would be useful tool for analyzing different approaches and solutions to the same problem.

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