Do Engineers Need to Know How to Write?

Blog ยป Do Engineers Need to Know How to Write?

Posted on 04 Feb 2013 16:46

By: Zeyad Saleh

Some engineers might believe that writing is the least important skill they need to master, but I believe that it is on the top of the list of important things engineers need to master. Let's say an engineer has just invented or designed a new item, he will not be able to sell it to people or big firms unless he advertises it correctly and explains what it does in the best way and most convincing way possible. The best way to make that possible is to perfect your skills in writing.

People need to understand blueprints or explanations on how things work. For example, I just invented a new solar powered ice cream machine. However, it is the first edition, it's difficult to use, and people are unfamiliar with it. The only way they would know how to use it, is to follow the instructions manual. This manual has to be written in a clear, yet, efficient way. If this happens, people will know how to use it and recommend it to other people. That will make your design successful and you won't feel like everything you did just went to waste.

Lab reports, for instance, are an important aspect of an engineer's and scientist's life. These will explain findings of an experiment or explain why a certain result happened. Knowing how to write is very important in a case like this. People need to understand what you are trying to express. Future scientists and engineers will be looking at your paper to influence their findings or to help them with their own papers. Writing in a clear and efficient way would make the whole process successful.

Nowadays, I think that engineers and scientists finally understood that. They understand that in order to make their work prosper, they need to be able to present it in a good and understandable way. In the past, I believe that writing wasn't taken as serious. However, times are changing. There are courses in college that specifically teaches engineers how to to write. I support the idea that writing is important. Without knowing how to write or present the work, we can't present our data and designs, making it hard to show the world our inventions.

To make my point clearer, imagine a world where engineers didn't know how to write or present their work. The only way to present the work or invention is to speak about it or say the information they discovered. What if one was a bad speaker? What if they weren't able to speak in front of a bunch people? Their ideas would have to be spread through writing, and clear writing. Knowing how to write will make the engineer prosper and more successful.

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