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Posted on 08 Mar 2013 05:35

The discourse community I looked into is called the DotA community. DotA stands for Defense of the Ancients and is a multiplayer online battle arena game that supports up to 10 players per game. Each game may have 10 players, but the gaming community itself involves around 3~4 million players worldwide. The game itself is complex and amazingly organized, but what I found more interesting are the communities and forums built around this game. The game comprises of heroes, items, skills, map awareness, strategies, and etc that are all connected and must be used collaboratively in order to win. However, these forums discuss and educate the synergies of the categories and their relevance and importance to the game play. There are many forums made to support DotA players, but I have specifically chosen this one community, PlayDotA, because of its popularity and organization that proves it to be the most reliable community for DotA.

The PlayDotA website has many features that aid players from beginners to professionals and the most interesting ones are the guides to the game. Today, we’ll be looking into a specific guide that teaches players how to “farm”. The introduction of the word “farm” now gets us into the lexis of the game which uses its own words with own meanings AND existent words with their “Dot meanings”. However, analyzing the lexis of DotA is not the goal of this blog post, so I will define the word “farm” to convey a simple and general overview of the lexis in DotA. To “farm” in DotA simply means to acquire gold in order to achieve advantageous positions in the game, and this community member has specifically chosen “farming” to formulate a guide for beginners.

The goal of the DotA community speaks directly to us once we take a look at this guide. The goal of every single player is to be one of the best players of DotA. Players read this guide to become better at DotA. Even the guide-makers’ goal “to be the best” is apparent, because professing the knowledge of the game to a huge diverse community nevertheless proves the guide-makers to be one of those “successful” players. To a certain extent, people play the game for fun and some play to become professionals. But all in all, people look through these communities to acquire any sort of aid to get on that road of victory.
It is also easy to distinguish acknowledged guides from unknown bad guides. Views and ratings of the guides help define what kind of guides they are and this one received a rating of 9.1 out of 10 and acquired 59523 views. From this, beginners can tell that this guide is certified and trustable. Intermediate players, however, would be able to tell from reading the guide that the author is an insider of the community because of his intensive knowledge of the game. The importance of “farming” is so high that these sorts of documents would be reaching out to anyone from beginner’s to intermediate’s level. I, myself, know the fundamentals of “farming” and can easily point to this guide for players who need to learn the skill.

From analyzing just a single guide, I was able to excavate a lot of information of this community and get some sense that this community is a discourse community. They have lexis, shared goals, a way to distinguish insiders and outsiders, and their method of helping others achieve the same goals.

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