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Posted on 24 May 2013 21:57

1. Audience

My audience, practically, is our class; that allows me to assume a certain level of technical proficiency in writing and technology use, while still writing for the layman. Ideally, though, I am writing for people who are interested in or specialize in media studies and reporting, with a reasonably limited amount of experience in the field, but with prior knowledge of the paradigm shift that is happening with regard to how news is distributed. The class is interested because they must be, though given how many people seem to have picked some sort of Internet discourse community for the original project, they may also have a personal stake in the conversation. If my subject is a type of media that a large percentage of the class regularly consumes and interacts with, I can safely assume that they will at least be interested. My ideal audience is interested because they have a personal or professional stake in the future of the field; they are interested in looking at the transition from multiple perspectives, including a sociological one that has perhaps not been taken before.

2. Key questions

What does the shift from traditional print media to the Internet entail in terms of new genres and new types of discourse?
How do these changes elucidate changes in the zeitgeist, or - how can we generalize from these changes to shifts in attitude, interests, and modes of thought?
Why is this important and why should we be interested in this?

3. Writerly challenges and concrete goals

Use less semicolons and embedded clauses (because they're confusing and impede comprehension; if I achieve this goal hopefully my paper will be readable and if I don't it will be speckled with semicolons and em dashes).
Interview someone currently active in the field (in order to have a professional opinion as well as an amateur one to draw from; if I achieve this goal I will have more valuable source material and a more complete overall perspective, and if I don't it will be very limited in scope).
Plan better (instead of just sitting down surrounded by materials and writing; if I achieve this goal I will hopefully have a firmly structured piece, and if not it's going to meander all over the place).

4. Genre models

A Simple Story About the Power of Publishing Content on the Open Web

This link is to Copyblogger, one of my favorite sources for information on writing for the web as an independent blogger or one affiliated with a larger company. This is a fairly good model of the type of self-researched, self-published content I want to produce, and is specifically aimed at people who are interested in or involved in the industry, and who are writers or content producers themselves. It provides both advice and explanation in the context of the community and for the layman, and is succinct and specific.

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