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Posted on 05 May 2013 03:45

1. The Audience
The audience I am going for are future doctors or people that plan on working as doctors. The people that should be reading this are people that have read my first draft of the project and want more detail on the two new criteria I offer for a discourse community
2. Three Key Questions
What is the conflict that occurs in a doctor’s workplace?
How do Doctor’s use their passion of medicine while working?
Why are passion and conflict important to doctors?
3. Writerly challenges and Concrete Goals
I want to prove that conflict and passion are necessary pieces of a working doctor’s community
- I believe this is important because this is what my focus is on and I believe I am right about this.
- If I succeed it will be proven in the paper and very easy to see.
- If I fail I will proabably admit it in the paper because if I do then I will have to chage my thesis into saying that I failed
I want to make sure I use quotations effectively
- I believe this is important because one of my biggest changes in this paper is that I am interviewing someone for it so I want to show that I did the interview and how it has proven that I am right
- If I succeed there will be quotes used effectively in my paper
- If I fail there either won’t be quotes or they will be used ineffectively
I want to have a good introduction
- The most important part of a paper I believe is the introduction because it says everything from what you are going to do in the paper to if you will even be interested in the paper I am writing
- If I succeed my introduction will be good
- If I fail then my introduction will be bad
4. Genre Models
This essay example shown at the bottom of this link is a good example of an argumentative essay which is what my paper will be about. It shows me that argumentative essays are structured in a very specific way and formatted well.

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