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Posted on 03 Feb 2013 03:35

Thinking and working “like an engineer” would first seem to be straightforward. However, engineers need to think outside the box since we are expected to perform creatively in our work fields. As a mechanical engineer, I will be learning about and experiencing many types of machineries. To be more in-depth, I won’t be just manually dealing with the machineries. Depending on the career path I choose, I will need to inspect and evaluate the machineries that I either built or come across. Writing was evidently involved in any paths I choose.

Most importantly, I realized the vast difference between the types of writing that I will be involved with and the types of writing that many would first assume would be necessary. I have to greatly take into account that I’m writing as an engineer and not a writer. Engineers think creatively but they don’t necessarily have to be creative with words. Engineers would be most efficient with their writing if they exclude the embellishment and rather aim for clarity and conciseness. Because engineers think creatively and somewhat uniquely, it would be hard for readers or observers to clearly understand the engineer without the great communication skills of the engineer. There’s no need to be fancy with writing as an engineer because we aren’t writers; we just simply need to get our point across so that our ideas can be spread universally. Moreover, if there were to be creativity involved in technical communication, it’d be in the areas of visual presentation rather than written because you can’t go wrong with unique visuals that further helps readers comprehend the written portion.

I’ve heard from upperclassmen mechanical engineers that many people misunderstand mechanical engineering as a job where you perform mostly hands-on jobs and assignments. They proceeded to correct the falsification by raining on most of our parade and saying that mechanical engineering mostly leads to desk jobs. Desk jobs meant more than expected amounts of writing would be done and I wasn’t so very much excited for that. If there was one thing I really didn’t want to do in the future was sit at a desk for the rest of my career. Desk jobs were practically uninteresting and I need to be actively utilizing my body to pump energy in order for my brain to be fully functional. For someone who wished to build machineries and test them out, desk job was bad news.

My flaw as a writer is that I try to be creative but end up not being consistent towards the end. I tend to start out right by being creative and to the point at the same time, but I lose the balance towards creativity near the end. The sad part is that my piece ends up not creative at all. So I’ve been working to change such habit by adding creativity when necessary. On a blog post like this, I can try to be fancy and perhaps practice the embellishment because it ultimately helps convey my point. However if I were to write technically, I will eliminate my wish to be creative as much as possible and focus fully on presenting the idea efficiently.

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