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Posted on 21 Apr 2013 20:13

The film I chose is very famous and familiar to us. It’s about James Bond. I picked the most recent one “Skyfall” as an example to introduce and analyze engineering in our culture. Let’s ignore the beauties and exaggerated actions and focus on the technology Bond used in the movies. You may believe that most of them are fake or unreal. However, most of them come from the real materials in our life and they are the contributions of engineers. Engineers are people who build and develop our world.

Mechanical engineers are people who “apply the principles of physics and materials science for analysis, design, manufacturing, and maintenance of mechanical system (Wikipedia).” In the movie, there are many examples are mechanical engineers’ productions such as the weapons and facilities Bond used. We all know that James is a genius in fighting or shooting, but we ignore those who made the best weapons. Without engineers, James would be just like an ancient man who punches with fists and kicks with legs. In addition, mechanical productions are interesting and attractive. For example, the gun which can shoot through both ends of the gun-barrel, the sniper rifle which can shoot from one mile away, and the mini bomb inside a gum, are all related to mechanical engineering. Engineers push the society to move forward.

What do mechanical engineers do in our life? They almost do everything in a wide realm. For instance, in military, they create weapons and make cars, ships, and aircrafts. In factory, they build huge and complicated machines. In aviation field, they design precision instruments and rocket’s organization. Thus, mechanical engineers do manifold work in our society. On the other hand, as there are pros, there are cons. In the movie, Bond killed a few people with the weapons. Furthermore, many people think mechanical engineers killed millions of people due to their cruel products such as weapons. It’s true but it’s a stereotype, too. The development of our society is actually a process of competition. People desire to innovate and create materials. Thus, it is our humanity to suit the nature and maintain advantages during the competition. In addition, if we don’t develop or upgrade the weapons, others will do it. Therefore, weapons can be considered as a way to protect ourselves and to threat others.

Some mechanical products are dangerous and cruel. The reason I mention it is I also disagree with some of them. For example, the atomic bombs or nuclear weapons should be limited or banned. Its power is disastrous and can destroy our earth. I don’t recommend it and I regard it as a threat for everyone. On the other hand, most technology is positive and helpful to us. It brings us convenience and affects the way we live. In addition, not only the mechanical engineers changed our world but also every engineer did contribute to the society. The computer technology, the building structure, and the circuits everywhere are all engineering technology which benefits us.

In conclusion, engineers are people who build and develop our society. In “James Bond” movie, most of the fascinating facilities he used are authentic and there are real materials around us. Decades ago, the portable phones and tracking devices appeared in the movies seemed magical, but today they are part of our life. There is no doubt that engineers make this possible in our world.

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