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Posted on 03 May 2013 20:54

To say that 2012 was not a rip-off of the Noah story in the bible with John Cusack would be a lie. Even so, overall they did a pretty good job on this movie. The movie’s premise is about the Mayan’s prediction of the world ending in 2012. It focuses on a failed writer who does everything he can to save his two kids, his ex-wife and her new boyfriend. (It seems a little absurd because about everyone in the whole world dies in this movie die but when watching, you are still rooting for just these five people to survive.) Other then them, the governments of the world try and do everything in their power to make sure that the human race survives.
I am writing this in order to talk about the ridiculous scientific and engineering ‘concepts’ in the film. To say Hollywood outdid themselves on the ludicrousness is an understatement. The movie starts off with talking about neutrinos and how there heating up is going to cause all the chaos. Fact check: neutrinos pass through matter undisturbed and can barely make an omelet. In fact about 40 trillion neutrinos pass through you every second. How could they possibly heat up the center of the earth? Honestly I think they could have come up with a better reason as to why the world was going to crumble into pieces. There are so many issues in this world like global warming or nuclear warheads; they for some reason chose one of the most unlikely things to destroy the planet. I think Independence Day’s premise was more believable then this and that involved psychic aliens.
Now that we are sure the world will not be falling apart anytime soon, lets go to the end of the movie (spoilers ahead) where the whole final premise is the huge gate on the “ark” can’t close so the engine can’t start. Huh? The engine has a fail-safe that is connected to the gate? This is like saying that your car won’t start because your trunk is open. No engineer in his or her right mind would ever make one dependent on the other because maybe something gets jammed. Oh wait that is literally what happened in the movie.
They did get some things right though. There are theories among scientists who believe that the polarity of the earth will change again just like it has in the past. This will not do to the world like what happened in the movie but it could affect many of the electronics in the world.
Besides for these ‘minor’ details the movie was a very thrilling movie and 100% worth seeing. The graphics were good and it was kind of cool seeing the earth literally crumble into pieces. Just because Hollywood does not always get the right idea when it comes to the science does not mean it’s not a good movie. My job here is not to say a movie is good or bad (I like to anyways) it’s to be a realist.

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