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Posted on 07 Mar 2013 21:34

On a typical sports forum, wouldn’t you read “Aren’t you tired of this coaches’ game plan…. it never seems to work??”Exemplifying this type of discourse community that is widely popular on online blogs and other media sources is a circle of sports fans. Broadcasted on ESPN stations, sports have a huge impact on the viewers to form specific sports groups. Representing this reasoning, I am, myself, a Knicks fan; I go to online discussions on espn.com and read the perspectives, thoughts that these diverse, zealous fans have on the game. Some of the posts spark discussion and others would stimulate emotional feelings within a person. Comprising of these varying qualities, this fan-based sports community will always continue to grow!
As conveyed in not just community discussion groups through ESPN stations but also through the general MSG network, a direct, rich language of suggestions/ideas is conveyed. Since much of the fans won’t be satisfied by the losses that New York faces with other teams, their suggestions (whether super angry or extremely beneficial) would spread throughout the web pages. Thus, this allows for different leaders of the New York team (i.e. the managers, head of the sports network) would read such commentary to effectively change the style/play of the team. Another similar characteristic that this team of people shares is their common goal of being able to help/benefit the Knicks basketball team in their long road this season (following the terrible playoff loss that they faced last year). Plethora of new users joins and gains experience on how to post comments to the blog. They, also, gain a wide variety of educational information on not just the specific NY team but also statistical information that other players have. A spread of this educational information can be beneficial to these new users, as they will gain valuable skills in their “blog-post writing.”
When one scrutinizes these discussions carefully, he/she may realize that the writing in its terminology is very technical and succinct in its ideas/views. For example, when its time to tune in a game and/or after it has ended, a stream of online posts pop up causing to temporarily slow down the bandwidth of the connection. However, these posts that fans input of the team’s play style usually involve factual statistics and/or their emotional feelings. Therefore, certain aspects in writing must be used for new users who join this discussion page. Properly fitting into the definition of discourse community provided by John Swales, the discussion provides mechanisms for other members of the group to provide feedback of ones’ posts through the commentary/response section.
Hence, by being such a grand, interactive discussion, members of the community are able to connect with one another. This “private” fan section allows for a cyclic process to occur. When one person “grows” up with this forum, he/she may help the new users into showing the proper ways into how to post worthy/beneficial ideas up on the page. From this process, that new member will eventually accustom to the proper ways of writing in the forum and will, also, teach the next set of newbies about NY’s fans’ (or any sports team) writing style as this continual process occurs.

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