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Posted on 15 Feb 2013 15:44

TO: Andrew Lucchesi

FROM: Christopher Aebig, Stephanie Bodre, Stephen Erickson, Nelsyda Perez, Peter Zupo

SUBJECT: Group Project Proposal

DATE: 15 February 2013

So far our group has gone through the proposals on the wiki, and we have decided to base our project on how to create, format and edit a memo in a professional setting. We had also wanted to do our project on TED talks and how they are presented or scientific newsletters, but after the group meeting we landed on memos.

We are confident that our topic should be interesting, and we hope that our final project (the website) will be, if nothing else, informative and instructive. Our goal is to explain what characteristics go into a strong and effective memo, such as the length and quality of the content as well as the format of the writing. If all goes according to plan, we will have a functioning website that completes all the tasks listed above in a user friendly style.

The topic of working on memos was not our first choice for this project, having said that, we think we will benefit as a group and maybe as a class by doing some further research and writing about what memos need to do and how they help work happen. TED talks would be interesting as well, but since we are making this project for a high-school aged audience of prospective engineers, the audience would definitely appreciate the attaining of knowledge in a field that will be incredibly useful to them, such as writing memos for the workplace. A great deal of thought must go into a memo, since it is being used over other methods of communication because it is the fastest, most efficient way to spread large ideas in a work atmosphere, if executed properly.

In order to create our website and have evidence to back up any claims we make about memos and their use, we imagine that our group will be doing research via our writing textbooks for the class, which contain examples of both well-written and poor quality memos in Chapter 7 of TWC, and perhaps the internet as well. Really any place that has example memos that can demonstrate how this genre of writing should work to be of most use to workers.

We believe the best thing we can do for our next class would be for each member of the group to bring a few copies of sample memos or the chapter on memos from a textbook, so we can start getting into details and break a memo down part by part based on what it must include and function as. If we write and cover initial ideas on Tuesday, then Thursday would be the better day for peer review so we have more work completed and perhaps some semblance of the direction our project is headed. To finish by the date we need to, we have to at least discuss ideas on Tuesday and decide on the grounds on which we are going to present this work (i.e. on the wiki, tumblr, make your own website, etc). Then by the next week, we should know all of the ideas that we will include and actually be at the point where we are uploading information and PDFs or graphics, so by the time the weekend rolls around, we can dedicate our times to the aesthetics of the site and its friendliness.

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