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Posted on 15 Feb 2013 21:49

MEMO for Team GoldenRod Yellow.

We all came together today and discussed what we would be doing for our project. We had a great pool of proposals ranging from how to make scientific posters to how to write a formal complaint letter. After talking about the benefits and disadvantages of our different proposals, we decided that we would make a video about how to introduce new products or inventions to consumers.

Market research and analysis show that excellent advertising will cause any product to sell, regardless of its quality. Many times, consumers are persuaded to purchase cheap products which promise to “Restore all meaning to their life” for $19.99(plus shipping and handling) simply because the marketer chose his words wisely. In the corporate world, executives such as Steve Jobs introduce their products through keynote speeches. The main success of a product often rests on how well it is introduced to consumers.

Because of the critical importance of the first impression of the product, we will be making a short video which will give future engineers a good understanding of how to introduce their product or new invention to the consumers. We will show two groups in our video, one as a bad example and one as a good example.

We have two different approaches that we can take to how we portray the two groups. The first approach for our video will be to have the video introduced by the narrator who will explain the point of the teaching and introduce the bad Group 1. While the bad example is played out, the narrator will occasionally interject and explain what they are doing wrong. Next, the good example will be played and the narrator will explain the good ways that group 2 explained their inventions or products.

The second approach that we may take would be the narrator being in the actually role play of bad and good groups. The video would be similarly introduced by the narrator who will explain the point of the teaching and introduce Group 1. Once group 1 starts to do poorly, the narrator will interject and the group will freeze behind them and the narrator will explain how to do it correctly. Then the video would rewind and the group would do it over again correctly.

We have all agreed that over the weekend we will do research on our topic and look for good examples to use in our project. In addition, we will watch influential speakers and salesmen and evaluate their techniques. During our next class period, we will break down and delegate the different parts of the assignment to different people. This assignment will require that we do several parts together and work in groups. This project will require much planning ahead so that when we are ready to shoot our video we won't have a lot of down time. It is going to be challenging to get all our planning, shooting, and editing done in the time frame provided. We plan to overcome this by leveraging what time we have efficiently, and by making significant progress in the actual classroom.

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