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Posted on 22 Mar 2013 00:02

Zeyad Saleh


We all have been part of a discourse community. But what is a discourse community? A discourse community is where a threshold of members shares a common goal and lexis. They also have a different variety of genres to get information or communicate. Usually, when we talk about a discourse community, we tend to think about educational, athletic, cultural, online, or business-like communities. But, what about musical communities? What about jazz bands, orchestras, concert bands, marching bands, or even rock and roll bands? Are these considered discourse communities and if they are, why? Well, we are about to find out!

Description of the current situation

According to Swales, a discourse community has to follow six different characteristics. Being part of a jazz band, I never thought about whether or not it is considered a discourse community. Most of the things that happened, such as lexis, were based off of common sense. They were things need to make sure the band would run successfully. But as we are studying discourse communities now, I start to question whether or not the jazz band was a discourse community. To really describe whether or not it is one, I’m using a mixture of both Branick’s and Swales’ methods of explaining a discourse community. There has to be a balance between explaining a discourse community in general and explaining the specific community.

Description of the project plan

Being part of a jazz band, I will be using a lot of personal experience to conduct my research. I know what happens in a jazz band community because I have been in one for 7 years. I know what is said and how things occur. However, I haven’t been with them for a year. I might have to brush up on what I need to know. Therefore, I plan on visiting them and continuing my research on what they do.

Review of qualifications

I will be able to pull of this project because I was in a jazz band. I know the research is doable. I know that a lot of the things in a discourse community are clearly present to the members. It is quite clear and simple to find out the shared goals the band has: a common lexis the band shares, different genres to express information or to communicate, a name to identify a group, and a good amount of members. In order to carry out this project, I need to recall everything I have done in the band in the past 7 years. I will need to communicate with my former members for good times to come and watch them to make sure I remember everything.

Discussion of costs/challenges

The most difficult thing is to find a good time for me to visit and conduct the research. I need to find a time that is just a normal practice day, so I can see what happens normally.

Benefits and conclusion

The point of this research is to see how differently I can perceive the jazz band community from being inside it and acting normally and observing how it is a discourse community from the outside. It will also be used to show the best way to describe discourse communities. It can also show that we could have been in discourse communities all our lives but, not know it at all. I believe that a jazz band is a discourse community and can easily be proven. I also think that I will discover the best way to describe discourse communities.

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