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Posted on 28 Apr 2013 05:07

Stefanie Reichman
Topic: CE department in CCNY
The imagined audience for this piece, much like the midterm piece itself, is geared towards the CE department. Where the midterm was slightly more for students and freshmen, I would like the revision to be more for the faculty members. I would like the revision to suggest what things the department could do in order to help the students acclimate. One important aspect I would like to investigate is mentorship.

Key Questions:
What effect does gender have on a person staying in the department?
How does mentorship influence both genders to stay in the department? Is having a female mentor for a female student a motivation to stick with the program? Either way I would like to see if mentorship has any effect on girls staying in the department. In my case I would think so, but I would like to see what others think about the subject. I know one senior who is a girl and could help me in this case to see if there was anyone in her career that helped her when she started out.
Why does the engineering ratio exist? Many girls start out hopeful in a career in these hard sciences, but are then dissuaded after seeing the “engineering ratio”. Since researching all hard sciences, would be too much in the short amount of time, I will only look at the Civil engineering students. I am not sure if it is possible. But I will try and get some sort of percentage as far as the number of girls that start out in the department and the number that graduate. I could go ask one of the faculty members that I think may be able to help me in this case.

Writerly Challenges and Concrete Goals:
My first goal for this piece is to make sure that I stay on track, and not go off on an unwanted tangent. Since I do have a specific project in mind I do now want to veer too much from it. Also included random information (ex Swales six reasons for a discourse community) I could lose the readers interest in my points. If I don’t achieve the goal, I have a chance of people not reading my entire piece, and if I do succeed then I have a bigger chance of them reading and understanding the whole thing. Having random bit of information can hinder the understanding of the overall piece. Furthermore, i would like to make sure that every point I make is leading me one step closer to proving my points.
My second goal is include as many anecdotes as possible. At least one to each section of what I am planning to discuss. Whether this be my own story, or one from a fellow student I think having a story will make the paper that much more personal; keeping in mind that the audience is the faculty members of the department, I believe it to be important to not only state ‘facts’ but also prove that these claims are backed up by real students’ claims.
My third goal for this project is to do my best to cite claims. In the parts discussing stereotypes, it is easy to make my ideas the official claim, or it can seem that way for the reader anyway. I want to make sure that everything that is written is written with some kind of creditable source. whether it be a quote from a student, or the results from the survey I made for the midterm piece, or even an internet source. Achieving this goal will give my paper a lot more credibility since it won't just be ideas, rather ideas that are backed up.

Genre Models:
My genre model for this revision is a speech. In a speech the speaker begins by explaining a problem, or something missing in the world. Because of this missing element, this person is here to fill the niche with his new invention. The impact of this new idea is discussed afterwards. I think having this genre will be interesting mostly because I am not going to be presenting it rather I need my writing to be clear enough so that someone could understand it all without someone presenting it to them. This piece as previously discussed would eventually be something that i could go present to the department, and thus it would have to be in an easy enough format so that i could present it to them. The complexity will still be there to a certain extent since there are several important points i would like to hit, but i think keeping in mind that my genre is a speech will help the piece go in the right direction.
this is a video of Steve Jobs introducing the first ever Iphone. I thought this was interesting because he explained how the iphone does things that other "smartphones" do not do. Though some things that Jobs did i do not want to integrate into the piece but i would like to use this as a stepping stool. From the presentation i see how important visuals are. so wherever I can I will try and put some visuals in.

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