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Posted on 04 Feb 2013 17:23

Many people believe that the best way to communicate with someone is through writing and therefore it demonstrates the ability of an individual to be a suitable candidate for the job. To me this is not entirely true. Many individuals have their own way of projecting ideas whether is it by writing or presentation. In my opinion, writing demonstrates another level of communication to other engineers, but this method does not apply to everyone outside the field of engineering. When a group of mechanical engineers introduces an advanced automobile design to the public, indeed it will be very interesting for everyone who sees the functions of this new innovation but it will attract even more the explanation and presentation as opposed for them to read something highly sophisticated that not many will understand. Therefore, presenting and explaining ideas is a strong way to build a bridge of communication between anyone who is involved in the process. I believe in mechanical engineering as specialists in motion (mechanics), based on all the physics that is involve in our projects, would be better to present an idea as oppose to write an idea because it will be very helpful to visualize what will be presented.

As innovators of the modern world, engineers should also be able to engineer a written report even if it in the simplest of ways to make everyone understand what is being discussed. By creating a bridge or methods of communication through explanations and writing would also compliment our abilities as engineers. For instance, during my high school career I attended a robotics program in which I met a person, a mechanical engineer lab manager at Columbia University, who became my role model and an influence to become an innovator. I remember how he carried out his experiments with easiness. Indeed, he was an expert at his field by knowing all the mathematics and sciences, but he also demonstrated me how communication as a form of presentation or writing was also essential to his experiments. Every time he would perform an experiment he would allow me to see the writings first before actually demonstrating me the experiment. And I would always have questions because there were many terms I did not understand. Then he would show and explain in detail throughout the experiment. I remember one of my first questions that I asked him was about why have something written down when we can just begin the experiment, is not like there is a manual for new creations. He told that by writing first it helps to build a base on the project you are about to perform. Once you begin your experiment you can shape your procedures as if you are editing a paper. But writing and establishing ideas serves as a foundation to what we can begin to actually perform.

So far we have many options in which we can communicate as individuals and they are: physically, electronically, and writing. Any of these methods can demonstrate your skills as an engineer. In my case, I am not someone who uses complex words in my writings but I do my best at establishing my points clearly and accomplish the goal to enrich my writing with strong and well-developed ideas.

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