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Posted on 16 Feb 2013 16:14

From: Members of Group Ultramarine (Jerome, Fidan, Sunny, Kenichi, Yipeng, James)
Subject: Group Ultramarine's Progress

Overview of Discussion

So far we discussed the different genres we wanted to approach and found that our group was mostly interested in technical instructions and TED talks. After discussing the situation, we found that we wanted to be unique from the other groups who proposed TED talks, as well as we wanted to collaborate through writing rather than simply present our ideas in front of the class. Thus, we decided to study technical instructions as our genre because it is adaptable to our schedules and we can easily share our inputs over the internet. We also found that creating a webpage based on technical instructions would be easier for the group to work on than a presentation, which would both require speech skills that we may have lacked as well as would be harder to coordinate. Our debate was fairly calm and quickly resolved, as we understood the reasoning and ideas behind why we made each of our proposals and came to a unified solution quickly.

Possible Sources

The sources we may use to develop our ideas of instructions include:

• Chapter 18 of Technical Communication in the Twenty-First Century, since it discusses technical writing.
• Chapter 2 of Technical Writing for CCNY, in which it shows the importance of thinking about the readers when making a technical document, as well as how to show key information and details.
• Various other sources online that might offer technical how-to instructions.
• Books such as instructional manuals from Sunny's mother, since she has access to laboratory instructions and other materials.

Project Work Breakdown

• Kenichi will create a flash-based webpage on wix.com, getting feedback from the other group members on how to efficiently design the webpage.
The exact roles are provisional, however, we will all work on the various pages to develop our site.

Work Plan

• By Monday, we will all have the necessary resources on technical instructions, including the specific examples. The webpage will also be in its initial stage a d in the process of being formatted accordingly. On Tuesday, our information will be transcribed onto the webpage and will discuss how to streamline it as well as add pictures/videos. Thursday should be a good day for peer reviewing.

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