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Posted on 05 Feb 2013 05:01

Engineers and scientists are not who first come to mind when one thinks of writing in the professional world. The best writers are usually acknowledged authors, poets, or journalists. Thus, writing is a skill overlooked in the technical professions. The computer science field relates to engineering because they both use knowledge of math and science in addition to their own creative thinking to solve problems. My understanding of a computer scientist is that it is a person who is knowledgeable in computer programming and knows how to write computer programs that a computer and human can understand. So, of course writing is an important skill in the computer science profession.

I as a writer, I am someone who does not easily translate my thoughts into words. The thoughts that run through my head are sporadic, different topics run through my head. It is not easy to for me to write probably because I tend to over think and over analyze things but always write in the simplest way. I am a perfectionist with my writing. The skills I possess that are beneficial to my writing are that I am organized, clear and concise. I also think I have strong grammar skills. When I have to write something for my academics I usually read the task right away, do some brainstorming in my head and then I'll put it off the writing for later. When I get back to the task, I feel like I don't know where to begin. After more brainstorming, then I create an outline of how many paragraphs I am writing and what I put in each paragraph.

My skills as a writer are well suited to computer science because I am a perfectionist and meticulously look over my work. This is important when you are giving specific instructions to the computer. Even though error is inevitable (as in computer bugs) in computer programming, it is an advantage that I don't mind editing my work. This is an example of how my writing skills can benefit me in the workforce. A disadvantage of my writing habits is the fact that I may need a long period of time to come up with a written solution to a problem.

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