Clash Of The Sciences

NOTE: When reading this piece, do no think that I am biased towards any arguments from both people’s sides. I am not a strong leader with science and do consider every aspect from each of their views. If you do, however, feel that I was too unfair to one side, please comment!,

(It was a dark and cold Christmas Eve night of 2010)

(Goodman had just finished his night shift in the “DPP” (Department of the Protection of People) and was rushing home to attend a night out with his family. While he has running, he bumped into a stranger hard, knocking her to the ground)

Paul Goodman: (sighing and breathing heavily) Oohh my god! I am extremely sorry for bumping into you! I was just rushing to attend my family’s night-out.

(Paul Goodman attempts to pull her up from the ground while he suddenly realizes her badge stating, “DARPA”)

Paul Goodman: (enthusiastic tone) If I may ask, you work for the DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agencies?

(The stranger shook her head quickly and stared hard at him)

Regina Dugan: Yes…I do! May I ask why do you care?

Paul Goodman: Well, the truth of the matter is that in my job, we defy the advances of science research because the extreme pace of this advanced technology actually harms the people worldwide and that is why I work for the DPP, the Dep–

Regina Dugan: (cutting him off) Ooh, I see! But, for us, you see, I am the main head of DARPA and we promote the determination, the strong will power that these minds promote. Their great and determined minds convey to us people that these inventions can go ahead in every step of the way such as: a robotic hummingbird, the Mach 20 (a super fast flying aircraft), etc.

Paul Goodman: This science, you speak of, is like a disease of modern times due to what it has done to USA for making it one of the most powerful countries of the world (historically speaking against the Soviet Union). Also, the massive amount of funding done to make these vast advances in technology outweighs its advantages more than ever.

Regina Dugan: What you say is only a portion of the entire real truth! Science in fact does promote people to explore and really open the minds to implausible opportunities that we may have never even thought of. Therefore, if money is needed to pursue this type of thinking, then so let it be because it is being used for the priority of the innovation not for the advantages itself. Paul, you and the DPP are way too- narrow minded about this matter. Open it up and you will see the light behind that door!

Paul Goodman: (firm tone) Yes, that’s IT! That’s exactly why we people refute your ways in believing that technology advances this world; when you just showed me those inventions, they don’t seem so beneficial to me in everyday life.

Regina Dugan: Its importance is one thing, but the thinking behind it is another. Science is a way of thinking and expressing your mind without the fear of failure and those inventions are one example of this meaning.

Paul Goodman: Well, to me, those inventions are just a way of producing some harm to the world’s population. Also, how is it even possible when the main realm of science revolves around hurting people by using the scientific research and using it to make atomic bombs and/or nuclear weapons? I know my view of science is perfectly intact and irrefutable.

Regina Dugan: (in complete shock) Wow, again I ask: How do the people of the DPP, especially you, have such a low way of thinking about science? On what basis can you even prove your belief?

Paul Goodman: (smirking) I have one simple answer…The Cold War!

Regina Dugan: You, my friend, indeed do have a narrow-minded way of thinking. Science, during the late 20th century, was used to make those weapons only because we were in a very serious war with the USSR! The USA had no choice but to outweigh them because they would have been very intimidated by the power of USSR and might have even lost to them! Did you really want that to happen and make USA slow down its slew of nuclear weapons to defend them?

Paul Goodman: All right! So what do you propose on the politics of science research and its impact on the world? Even though USA might have wanted to protect itself, they didn’t do have to do it in such a destructive way because it injured so many people in the final result!

Regina Dugan: (stampeding furiously) YOU REALLY DON’T SEE THE BENEFITS OF SCIENCE!??? IT’S ALL RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR EYES!!! For example, look at the: the cures to numerous pathologic diseases, the intricate processes that run your cell phone/computer, the very electricity/light that we used to see in the everyday world, and other various innovate technological devices.

(Paul looked at her as if she was talking in such an amateur way (i.e. stating the benefits of science as if he hadn’t known of any of this.))

Before you even say anything, I know you might think that is fine; these are the basic inventions that were always needed. However, you people don’t think of it as an open door that these nerds (as I come to have known of them) provide for us. These nerds weren’t afraid of failure of the impossible that people can see, feel better about themselves, and transport themselves from one place to another through a local way or contraption. I just gave examples on the basic ways of how these people work/think. They don’t think of military use as destruction but for the better of protecting the people and finally the-USA.

Paul Goodman: Wow!!!…

(A moment of silence in the entire scene)

Paul Goodman: (respectful tone) Maybe, I was wrong about you people; you can be very considerate and thoughtful of the population as a whole.

(In a very low-toned hush)

Paul Goodman: You win!

Regina Dugan: Paul, thank you so much for understanding! (Smiling) Science will reward you for your kind thoughts just as how God always does!

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