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Enclosed is my final portfolio for Writing for Engineers, English 21007. This contains my midterm project with my proposal and revision as well as my self evaluation of how my midterm turned out. Additionally, this contains three former pieces of writing which I believe displays my interests and writing abilities.

My first piece of writing which I have listed is a piece which I wrote in English 110 in Fall 2012 about my first experience working with cars with a mechanic. In this essay, I talked about something that I enjoy doing and had fun with writing by using dialect when quoting a master mechanic. I hope the reader enjoys this as it takes me on a journey as my eyes are opened to the genius of a master mechanic.

My second piece of writing is from my class World Civilization 101 which I took in Fall 2012. It was based on an article given to us by the professor about Nubia, Egypt to introduce us to the topic of which we would be learning about in the following weeks. I decided to include this piece because of how annoying it was to write for me. To me, the article seemed like it said nothing as everything inside it was based on baseless theories and the entire article basically said nothing. But when it was done, I was pretty pleased with how it turned out.

My last piece of writing is from this class when we were prompted to write about how writing is important with respect to our engineering fields. I included this piece because I believe this was the first time I thought about how much Bio-Medical engineers needed to write and communicate with people inside and outside the field of engineering. My writing is consistent with what I found about what and how engineers need to write in their fields.

I truly enjoyed my time in this class this semester and am thankful to Andrew for his time and effort he put in teaching us. I learned a lot which I did not expect to and am especially thankful for all the editing which we were forced to do on our work. That is the fire which purges impurities and produces the best writing to come out.

All the best, enjoy!

Midterm Project

Midterm Project

First Piece

The Master

Second Piece


Third Piece

Writing and Bio-Medical Engineers

Final Project Report

Final Project Report

Final Project Presentation

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