Final Portfolio

Welcome. Simply type your name into the bar below and follow the directions listed here to get started constructing your final portfolio.

Steps to making your original portfolio page: 

1. Name your page something that makes sense, like Andrew's Portfolio. 
2. Once you've chosen a name, click "Start building your own page"
3. Insert some initial content and click Save to publish your initial portfolio that you can edit as much as you want until the deadline
4. Finally, once you've published your portfolio, copy the URL of the page onto the list below

Links to portfolio pages

~ Writer Name ~ Portfolio location
Christopher Aebig
Sunny Aggarwal Sunny's Portfolio
Jerome Allas Jerome's Portfolio
Kari Andresen Portfolio
Mena-George Basaly
Stephanie Bodre Stephanie's Portfolio
Medwin Chiu Medwin's Portfolio
Esme Cribb >>>>>>
Stephen Erickson
Daniel Griepp Daniel Griepp's Portfolio
Eli Hoch Eli's Portfolio
Minchang Kang Min's Portfolio
James Kasakyan James's Final Portfolio
Daniel Lee insert link here
Yipeng Luan Yi's Portfolio
Fidan Mamedova Fidan's Final Portfolio
Christina Moawad Christina's Portfolio
Nelsyda Perez Nelsyda's Portfolio
Stefanie Reichman Stefanie's Portfolio
Zeyad Saleh Zeyad's Portfolio
Christian Salvatierra Christian's Portfolio
Michael Safdieh Michael's Portfolio
Brian Wang Brian's Portfolio
Kenichi Yamamoto Kenichi's Portfolio
Liudi Yang Liudi's Final Portfolio
Peter Zupo

Post link here by 11:59pm on May 24th

Portfolio Requirements

As stated in the final materials packet, your portfolio page should feature the following components:

  1. A brief, relatively informal cover letter introducing the portfolio and explaining why you chose your three selected pieces
  2. Your revised midterm project with all four components:
    • Original midterm draft
    • Revision proposal
    • Revised midterm draft
    • Self-evaluation piece
  3. Your group's final research report
  4. Three short pieces of your choosing that show of your skills or interests as a writer

(Note that I don't mind what order it goes in, though the cover letter should come first)

Two example portfolios:

Option 1: Your portfolio has a "Splash page" which includes your cover letter and links to each of the pieces in your portfolio. This format allows us to navigate your portfolio as if it were a website, rather than a traditional text document. Here is an example of what this format might look like:

Option 2: All pieces appear on a single page, which is divided with headings and subheadings to separate off the individual pieces. This format allows us to navigate your portfolio in a continuous linear fashion, rather than like a website with multiple pages. Here is an example of what this format might look like:

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