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Steve's Proposal

I believe the topic of our project should be how to give a Ted talk. Ted talks are very useful sources of information for people to learn about the scientific and engineering developments that are taking place in the world right now. Ted talks are especially useful for our purposes because they are generally geared towards an audience that is not experts in the field which is being discussed, but almost everyone finds the topic interesting if the speaker gives an informative and convincing talk.

I think the research for this project should be manageable; we could watch Ted talks as a group, (or two people could do this as their contribution while the others draft a copy or something) and then determine what aspects of the Talk made it successful and caught the audience’s attention (including our own attention). For our final project we could state these elements that contribute to a speaker’s success while giving their Ted talk, and maybe even more importantly, what parts of other Ted talks made the talk not as exciting or took away from the speaker.

We could speak about how the person actually formats the speech: whether it be speaking directly with the audience like a dialogue, telling a story to the audience, or simply describing the research they have done in whatever field that makes them notable and worth listening to. Just as a quick idea, I was thinking that under each section, we edit video clips of speakers that exemplify the point we are writing about. For example, under the heading in which we talk about how body language can make a talk much more engaging, we take a clip of someone giving a Ted talk that epitomizes this action, etc. I think this genre will prove to be most interesting to work with for this assignment, but I’m open to other ideas as well and looking forward to discussing them in class!

Peter's Proposal

I think that we should write a tutorial on how to create a TED Talk. Last semester in Andrew’s class, we had to watch a TED Talk and review it. Upon watching the TED talk I chose, I realized that these talks are a great and creative way to introduce a topic to an audience. I know that it certainly keep me entertained, as well as taught me about a new subject.

The best way to research these TED talks is for each person in the group to take a specific aspect of a TED talk, whether it be body language, speech, visuals, etc. and research how each one of those aspects is used in the TED talk. When writing the instructions of how to give one of these talks, we can reference how they have been used in these past TED talks.

One of the important things that we can do is use the tools of the Wiki in order to show what our instructions are meant to say. We can use video clips, pictures, and other media to show the user how to properly make a TED talk. These elements will help keep the reader entertained and persuaded.

Chris's Proposal

I like Steve’s idea of analyzing what makes a good TED talk. I think it would be really interesting to look into how the speaker of the TED talk formats the presentation of their speech around their designated audience. I think it would be interesting to analyze the structures that TED talks normally take and see if we notice any trends occurring. Also, we should look into the way the speaker presents scientific information. Clearly the way information is presented in a TED talk is very different from that of a lab report or other very scholarly and academic writing. I think one key characteristic that we will notice about TED talks is that they focus on engaging the audience directly into the talk more than other genres of technical writing.

With regard to our methods of working on the project, we would most likely watch several TED talks, look for patterns among them, and ultimately decide which characters were beneficial and which were not. In the end we might even be able to create our own mock TED-talk incorporating all of the characteristics that we had deemed beneficial.

Stephanie's Proposal

For the group project I propose that we explain how to write memos for the technical workplace. Memos are important because they are the most formal way to communicate an idea. Memos are similar to e-mails and this is a topic I am sure we are all familiar with because we have grown up using e-mails and instant messaging. We can explain how to write a memo by creating a sample memo written from city college or we can create a template that can be used for any memo. To do this project we can use chapter 7 of the textbook "Email, E-messages, and Memos", and online sources such as I think as a group we should all make the sample memo together. Then decide how to divide the work based on our strengths, because some people are better at designing the visual aspects and some are better at writing. I think we should use a wiki page as the platform of our project but I am open to any other suggestions. After we each contribute our own parts to the project we should review the final draft and suggest any last minute changes. Finally, we should meet together to practice our presentation to the class.

Nelsyda's Proposal

For our project I feel that we should focus on teaching others how to make a professional (specifically engineering) newsletter. When people subscribe to a professional newsletter they look for news that is interesting to them. In the engineering world such topics might include progress in a currently existing project or even ideas for a new project that readers might anticipate.

One way we could research how to create a newsletter is to observe the examples that we are exposed to. Looking at college newsletters or service newsletters could give us a good idea of how to organize a newsletter in general. We could also search for newsletters or newsletter templates posted on other websites. Each group member could write what each example had in common and what they each had that was different. We could also research what kind of news engineering societies and firms tend to show. From that we could have a good idea on how to organize the newsletter textually.

We could make a website using website providers such as Freewebs or Wikidot in presenting our tutorial. Because a newsletter is part visual appeal and part information we could each divide our work depending on what we are good at. Newsletter are both visually appealing and full of information. Therefore there is room for different jobs that we could designate.

First Progression Project

Work Delegation List

This list is made specifically for splitting up the work on the different sample memo pages. Just put your name under the page you would like to work on and just work on that page on your own time. This will help with two things:

  1. Time management, and
  2. Not having to deal with that annoying Wikidot lock.
Memo Type Name Page Link
Lab Reports Peter
Directive Memos Stephanie
Status Memos
Response Memos
Minutes of Meeting Nelsyda

How To Use the Google Docs Viewer Code

Now that I have used it for a bit, the Google Docs viewer becomes more of a copy and paste sort of thing. Use this code for the PDF or DOC/DOCX example memos that you find

<iframe src="" width="690" height="897" style="border: none;"></iframe>

Replace "" with the link to your own PDF. Then paste it onto the page that you want the viewer to show up in.

NOTE: If the link happens to be one of those Google automatic download links where the actual link is hidden from view, please follow the steps shown in the images.

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