Group Work Spaces

On this page, you will find the links to the wiki pages reserved for your group projects. Feel free to use these spaces in whatever seems appropriate to you.

Team Unmellow Yellow

Description: Our group chose a unique color that describes our vibrant and sharp personalities. The structures we picked for our similes all had strong foundations (4 buildings and a tunnel). As a group with a variety of athletic talents and engineering skills, we’d all be able to survive a zombie apocalypse together. Our intense efforts to find links as a group during the last 10 minutes proves how special we all are. <3

Team Cochineal

Description: We are a group of New Yorkers who were all engineering majors at one point before two of us absconded. We all are fairly good at writing metaphors. We’re all different because some of us are normal. Our unique skills include getting locked out of our own class site in new and interesting ways, sleeping, disrupting our sleep patterns, not talking much, and being terminally indecisive about this “about us” section.

Team Light Goldenrod Yellow

Description: All of our structures each are known for a unique trait, just like our selves. We all get along, and enjoy to hear what the other has to say about us. We are different in the sense thats we all take different approaches to our work. We have different ways in which we approach tasks, yet we all end in similar places at the end. We have different backgrounds like different religions, cultures, types of family, but still find ourselves able to connect.Some things that characterize our group are our opinionated personalities and and willingness to state our beliefs.

Team Green

Description: All of our writing has a unique structure to it, like different buildings have unique structures. Some of the structures have flaws in them, while others are built to withstand any test. While we have a common interest in engineering, we show uniqueness in our varying hobbies. Some of our hobbies include: watching movies, drawing, playing games, participating in sports, and shopping.

Team Ultramarine

Description: Our group is an eclectic gathering of engineers with a creative edge. Many of us enjoy video games and sports alike. We all enjoy writing informative pieces that also have unique and imaginative elements to them. We all like blue and Jerome showed us ultramarine, which has a cool name and an equally cool color.

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