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Interviews [03.21.2013]

Hi there.

Because most people are going to conduct interviews with other people for their second progression project, I though it would be nice to share a recent interview I had to do for another class. It isn't the best interview in the world, and it is rather condensed (From 30 minutes of video to about 7 minutes of video). Feedback is appreciated :)

Blog Post 2 Draft [03.05.2013]

Hey there.

So yesterday I was working on putting together the first draft of my second solo blog post. So far, I feel that it is really rough despite having met the 500 word minimum requirement. I plan to keep analyzing the discourse community I picked (the American Society of Civil Engineers) by finding other documents besides the newsletter that I refer to in the initial draft.

So anyways, here is the first draft of my second blog post for you to check out on your own. Feel free to comment back and maybe I could look at your blog post 2 if you like. Just let me know~

My second blog post will be posted here when the second draft is completed.

Brown Noise for Students [02.27.2013]

What's up guys?

So I discovered a new way to study quietly when there is no other quiet place available to you (because we all experienced this once in a while). Brown noise! It's perfect for blocking out unwanted sounds yet it is pretty low pitched so you can still hear yourself think a bit. It's a lot better than white noise when it comes to focusing on work. It also blocks out sounds so well you kind of start to gain a sensitivity to other sounds for a while. That means you might not kill your ears with loud music or loud TV or loud conversations. Your ears will thank you for that :)

  • Blocks out sound
  • The sound isn't obnoxious. Therefore you can fully concentrate on your work
  • It's as familiar as radio static, so it's not too foreign to the ears
  • It's not loud so you are not expected to go deaf as easily as let's say hearing heavy metal music to block out sounds
  • It's free! I found a 12 hour long video with nothing but brown noise. Great for long study sessions
  • You gain a sensitivity to loud sounds
  • The sound kind of makes you lose your hand-eye coordination if you are typing on your keyboard, mainly because you can't hear yourself type.
  • It can get pretty monotonous. If you are sleepy it won't keep you awake, it might make you sleepier.
  • If someone calls you, you might not hear them. It could be important (or not)
  • It's a sound. If you cannot study with ANY type of sounds, then this might worsen your ability to focus.
  • You gain a sensitivity to loud sounds.

If you think brown noise isn't for you, there is always the classic sounds of the rainforest or the sound of a fan running for three hours.

Welcome Message [02.14.2013]

Hi everyone!

After spending way too much time playing around with the ListPages module that Andrew set up for us I can finally say welcome to my Writer-by-Writer Archive! I'm planning to treat this page just like I treated my first archive. I will write about updates, interesting things that relate to Wikidot syntax and just other random topics of interest. I'll probably update the page real soon with another entry.

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