Royce Park

1) I utilize the forums - if you can categorize Reddit (subreddit Dota2) as a forum - as a source of information and entertainment outside the game itself. The community is unique for certain strategy games in that there is an abundance of knowledge available to you, that you wouldn't otherwise be able to grasp as an amateur player no matter how much you play that game.

2) I believe that's perfectly true of the DotA community. As gamers, we all seek to advance eSports, spread awareness about our passions, heighten competition, and improve the game. The last bit is special in that this discourse community is able to interact directly with game developers and designers alike to offer ideas for changes and areas of progress for the game itself.

3) The game would not be where it is right now. Granted, it is still nominally "in beta," but as the highest played game on the Steam engine, and with updates rolling out every week, it is clear to the developers how important feedback from the community is. It's clear that they listen to each and every gamer despite the anonymity of the internet. A 20-year veteran in game design may have picked up a tip to balance a character in the game, but the tip may have come from the 14-year old high school freshman. It's this mutualistic symbiotic relationship that keeps both sides satisfied and more.

4) I've actually never thought about that question. I consider every player familiar with the inner-workings of a game (if strategic) and at a certain competitive level to be an "insider." I categorize the other gamers to be, well simply, just "gamers." Lastly, I guess I would label everyone else to be an outsider.

5) I am an insider. It is my own biased ranking system. And I would be a fool to be left out of it.

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