Lesson 10

Logistics and Announcements

  • Pull-down WBWA is now functional (thanks!)
  • I have 4-person groups for you today: if you want a re-shuffle, write me a little note at the end of class today
  • Check RAB for accuracy (do you have two entries? have you met your partner)
  • Lots of reading/writing this week, but then we're done for a while

New Peer Groups

1. Stephen, Esme, Daniel L
2. Stephanie B, Chris A, Nelsyda, Peter
3. Fidan M, Alexander, Brian, Yi
4. Medwin, Liudi, Kenichi, Kari
5. Min, Daniel G. Zeyad, Sunny
6. George, James, Eli, Michael
7. Stefanie R, Christina, Jerome, Christian

Peer review: BP2 preliminary findings

Goal: The aim of this peer review session is to present your initial findings from researching a "practice" discourse community. You should pay special attention to narrating your research process, including how you settled on this community, how you found your textual documents, etc. You should also explain your provisional claims about this group based on what you know so far: what are their shared goals, genres of communication, lexis, social hierarchy, etc. Refer back to the original assignment prompt for these: http://lucchesi-sp13.wikidot.com/blog-post-2

By the time you leave this session, you should have a clearer sense of how you will write your BP2 (in either narrative or lab-report style). You should put your group to work in helping you more accurately describe the goals and habits of your "practice" community.

  1. Choose who will go first and who will keep time
  2. Spend between 10 and 12 minutes on each member
  3. Develop a list of questions to bring back to Andrew and the rest of the class based on any confusions or ideas that come up in your peer review
  4. If you get done early, move on to discussing your Tutorial Webpages and be prepared to discuss successes/shortcomings of your project

First Assignment Progression Post Mortem

For Next Time


  • Get a jump start on readings for the weekend (esp if you're writing for the RAB)


  • Revise your initial findings, conduct further research as needed, and draft your BP2
  • BP2 due to blog by 10pm Thursday night
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