Lesson 12

Logistics and Announcements

  • Conference schedule now up for the rest of the assignment progression

Solo Genre Research: Blog comments as a genre

  • Why do discourse communities have genres?

Your mission in this activity is to characterize the genre of the "blog comment" as practiced by an established authority within our class discourse community (me).

  • Begin by reading over the comment I left on your BP2
    • Pay special attention to the structure of my post?
    • What seems to be my objective in this comment? What am I choosing to emphasize and what am I choosing to leave out? Why?
    • What makes this comment useful for you as a reader?
    • What kinds of specialized lexis do I use that someone outside of this class would not understand? Are there special topics or concerns I raise that might be unique concerns of this community?
  • Compare your findings in the comment on your BP2 to my comments on two other BP2s
    • Do you notice any consistencies across these three entries?
    • Do you notice any significant differences in the way I comment on one or another post?

Note: For your homework, you will be required to write a blog post roughly in this style for one of your peers. Use this opportunity to analyze and understand the stylistic features and objectives of this genre. You DO get to resist, however, if you think there are better ways to achieve the purpose of this genre than the ways I'm currently doing things.

Time: 20 minutes

Objective: Bring notes based on your findings to share in your working groups

Group Discussion and Business Keeping: BP3 and comments

Question 1: What are the stylistic features of this genre? Structure? Tone of voice? Lexis use?

Question 2: What is the purpose served by this genre? How does this purpose get reflected in the style itself?

Question 3: What would it mean to adapt this genre for yourself? How will you use this genre to respond to your peers' BP3? What are the CHALLENGES of writing in this genre as novices.

For next time


  • TWC Ch 11 "Researching and REsearch Methods"
  • TWC Ch 14 "Proposals"


  • Post your BP3 by 10pm tonight
  • Before class time on Thursday, post a substantial comment on one peer's BP3 in (your version of) Andrew's style
  • Write a one- to two-minute elevator pitch based on your developing midterm project ideas. The objective of your pitch should be to convince the class that you have discovered a productive research topic, a well thought-through research methodology, and that you have some initial questions or hypotheses to test out. The most successful pitches will convince your peers to adjust their methods or topics to be more like yours. You should rehearse your pitches before class and (probably) have some sort of script or notes
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