Lesson 13

Announcements and Logistics

Recap on comment writing

  • What was difficult or easy about writing comments for your peer's BP3?
  • What did you learn from the process?

Open Forum: Elevator pitches

We will hear these elevator pitches in groups of 5 for speed of transition

  • Take notes on what you hear in each of the pitches
  • Remember that you should feel free to poach from one another's approaches or ideas to improve your own


  • What discourse community is this person studying?
  • What's special or unique about this community?
  • How will this person do her/his research?
  • What might be interesting or compelling about the results of this study?

Composing the formal proposal

For class next time, you are to compose a draft of your proposal in a more formal form.
See blog post 4 for full details

For next time


  • TWC Chapter 5, "Using Plain and Persuasive Language"


  • Compose an initial draft of BP4, the project proposal
    • Bring in FIVE printed copies for formal peer on Tuesday (one will be turned in to me)
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