Lesson 14

Announcements and Logistics

  • Please tag your posts so far, at the very least with author's last name
  • I will return your proposal drafts with some comments in class next time

Peer review: Midterm proposals

See full peer review sheet (and assignment sheet) here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1neSyqnoDZp3QnEbXPOf1Wa7he_6rc3tItGk9gpNyYOs/edit?usp=sharing

Time to completion: 45 - 50 minutes

Full class discussion: Peer review follow-up

NOTE: On peer review days, I only count as present those people who submit drafts. If you did not turn in a draft today, I consider you a non-participant in class, which counts as an absence. If you want to get credit for being here today, you must submit a draft of your proposal by the end of the day today. Email your proposal both to me and to your group mates.

For next time

Next time, we will talk about interviewing and other methods of original research. I will bring in some examples and resources about conducting original research, including interview transcripts from a project I did last semester.


  • Revise and refine your proposal
  • Post revised proposals to the blog by 10pm Thursday, 3/21
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