Lesson 20

Logistics and announcements

  • even more conference times added

Group work: Share and compare BP7 in progress

  • How did you each describe the methodology of this author?
  • What kinds of things was the author looking to discover?
  • What was difficult or challenging about this text?

Elevator pitches: Sell Your Idea, Sell Yourself

Post a revised version of your elevator pitch here

  • Due 10pm Friday, 4/19

For Next Time

In class next time, you'll be composing your formal project proposals for your final group research project. This project may be derived from one of the pitches you heard today, or it may develop out of some mixing of your group members' various interests. You will compose and submit your proposal in class.


  • Post your BP7 by 10pm tonight
  • Post your quick pitch to the page above by 10pm Friday
  • Send me an e-mail naming your top three choices are for group mates and explaining what about each person's project proposal or work style made you choose that person.
    • Deadline for e-mails is 10pm Sunday night
  • RABs due Monday night at 10pm
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