Lesson 22

Announcements and Logistics

  • Conference schedule updated

Executive meeting: final decision making

a) final group adjustments?

1. Liudi, Medwin, Brian, Kari
2. Christina, Zeyad, Stephanie R, Dan G
3. Fidan, Jerome, George, Yi, Kenichi
4. Stephen, Esme, Dan L, Christian
5. Christpher, Nelsyda, Stephanie B, Peter, James
6. Alexander, Min, Sunny, Eli, Michael

b) proposal components

1. Describe the project in detail (a-la the pitch), including what you hope to discover
2. Describe your proposed methodology (if you're using test subjects, explain how you'll find them)
3. A breakdown of the timeline for your project (how you intend to use each day of class and outside of class meeting)
4. A breakdown of how the work will be delegated among each of the members.

c) volunteer from each group

d) space and equipment concerns

e) timing through end of term

Assignments and deadlines

  • midterm revision proposals due May 4th
  • portfolio due May 21st at the latest
    • revision proposal, revised midterm, and self-assessment
    • three pieces that best show off your growth or skill as a writer
    • a brief cover letter explaining why you chose these pieces
  • final presentation day May 21st
    • 20 - 25 minute oral presentation with Prezi or PPT
    • Group-composed research report

Things for your calendar

  • task-specific group work days
  • experiment day (if needed)
  • peer review days: for revised midterm, midterm self-assessment, and/or portfolio cover letter
  • lessons by request: Prezi, experimental methods, Felt Sense freewriting, oral presentation skills
  • Group check-ins with Andrew

Group work time: Proposal adjustments and timeline

Get with your group now and work over your proposals. Make any revisions you need to and also address the new sections we talked about today.

  • who will be your group's experiment volunteer?
  • what space or equipment needs do you have?
  • how do you propose to use the schedule through the end of the term?

When your group is done, you should see Andrew for final approval.

For next time

  • group work
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