Lesson 5

Announcements and Logistics

  • New developments on the wiki
    • Readings and Handouts page combined with RAB
    • most PDFs posted with readings on RAB list
    • contract file now on Course Overview and Policies
    • Google group forum linked under communication
    • Writer-by-writer archives are active: please make yours and provide the link
  • New freebie assignment: film analysis and review
  • Handling lax participation on non-contract-breaking assignments (commenting, note taking, small hw)

Open discussion: Genre webpages and proposal discussion

  • Reactions, responses to the group proposal process
    • What were the styles of writing on display in these proposals?
    • How do you effectively use micro-communication to work together?
  • Should we allow overlap, or demand different genres?

Group Activity Sequence: Brainstorming, Debating, Setting a course, Diving in

A) Review the group proposals and start a brainstorming list of possible topics
B) Explore web and text resources provided by Andrew to help gather more ideas or flesh out your plan

Online writing labs:

C) Come to a provisional consensus about your chosen genre, and send a delegate to discuss your idea with representatives from each other group (and me)
  • Delegation: ~10:10 - 10:25am

Group-Composed Status Update/Progress Report Memo

Please compose a memo of approximately one page in which you (a) give a progress report on your group project as it currently stands and (b) lay out your intentions for moving forward with the project.

Constraints and specs:

  • Memo should be about 1 full page
  • you will print your memo and distribute it to me and the other groups by 10:40am today

Here are some of the things your memo might do (list is not in any particular order or necessarily exhaustive):

  • Summarize the work you've done so far, perhaps providing brief quotations from your individually composed proposals
  • Describe your debate and use of class time today, and how you developed your idea
  • Name your topic and give some rationale for what makes this a productive topic to include in this project
  • Name the resources you think you will use in completing the project (include specific chapters, websites, and documents you may draw on)
  • Break down the work for the project and delegate it to your members
  • Break down the timeline of your project
  • Offer a plan for how we should break up class time next week (when peer review?)
  • Raise any concerns or difficulties about the status of this project

Profile your audience:

Consider me as your primary audience for this memo, but also consider that your peers in the other groups will also benefit from reading your memo as an example to help them evaluate the quality of their own work. If you think about it, there is also a secondary audience for this memo: the members of your own group will refer back to it to carry out the plan you make. Ideally, your memo should offer something to each of these three audiences.

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  • TWC Chapter 4 "Layout and Design"
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