Lesson 6

Logistics and Announcements

  • Room logistics ideas?
  • Delegations for Thursday's jigsaw peer review
    • Each group splits in 1/3rds
    • Three concurrent peer review sessions each focused on a different topic
    • For instance: visual rhetoric and design; organization and use of webpage genre; language and content

Group Work Session

1. Using the google docs template, create an agenda for the day: https://drive.google.com/previewtemplate?id=1NXSovRhEl358Qq7chy5nlphMwdm8-W_F-kWcZ4a7cfE&mode=public#

2. As you do your work, delegate follow-up tasks to individuals

3. You will submit your agenda with minutes at the end of class today

For Next Time

  • Come prepared to go directly into your delegations
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