Lesson 9

Announcements and Logistics

Pop Quiz (and discussion)

1. How can a saying-doing combination go wrong?
2. What's the difference between a Primary and Secondary discourse? And what does "mushfake" have to do with it?
3. What sense do you make of Swales's six defining criteria for discourse communities?
4. Can "insider" status be studied and taught?

Evaluation prompts

1. Underline or star anything you just plain LIKE that the person wrote
2. Offer another opinion to help the reader understand the idea better. "I don't think that's quite it, I think you mean … "
3. Point out how the answer clarified your own thinking: "I never understood X, until you said …" "I see what you're saying here! You're saying … "

Blog Post 2 overview: Discourse community research practice run

See: http://lucchesi-sp13.wikidot.com/blog-post-2

RAB process so far and feedback

For Next Time


  • Bring in a rough draft of your BP2 for peer feedback in class on Tuesday
  • Finish up your group webpages by Friday night and post a link on the blog


  • TWC Chapter 6, "Abstracts and Executive Summaries"
  • Joseph Harris, "The Concept of Community in the Study of Writing"
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