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Genre website proposals

Michael's proposal

Hey guys, heres my ideas for the webpage project. My major is computer science, so I don't know if writing in the programming field is similar to writing in the engineering field. In any case, I think we should look at one the genres given to us in the textbook on page 5. The book starts us off by already mapping out the steps involved in these genres, and we would continue by going into detail describing each step. I am very open to change, ideas, and even a completely different view on how we should be going about this.

As for actually doing the work when we decide on a genre, I think we should split out the parts of the project to each one of us. We would work on our part at home/dorm, and we would discuss our work in the group meetings in class. I think it will be hard to actually get all of us to meet outside of class, due to scheduling and what not, and that all six of us together will be way less focused and productive.

Well, thats my proposal I guess. Waiting to read all of yours.

Daniel's proposal

I believe that we as a group should host a video on a website to describe to learners how to make a video successfully. In this project, we could video tape each other explaining the necessary steps to make a video. We would all contribute and be responsible for explaining different steps in constructing a video. Then we would make a plan of action to delegate all the projects and and edit all the footage. If we wanted to go all out, we could even make different episodes to show different components.

This project will require individual preparation with each person doing substantial research about the topic before the main meeting. Then, all the members will meet and have a brainstorming session in which we will mix all our creative ideas and agree with what we want to do for our project. This may require compromise from all members as it will take the best of everyone's ideas and blend them into a spectacular synthesis. Once agreed, we must split up into groups and delegate assignments while keeping each other posted on our progress. Once everyone has completed their tasks, we will meet again and finalize our work to make it into one complete work of incredible excellence.

Stefanie’s Proposal:

I think that for this genre guide project it would be most practical to look at research reports. This is because we all have a basic idea of what they should entail, and it is something important that is required for many classes. Reports are also something that are used in the workplace. Therefore, I think it would benefit us in the long run as well as the short and I strongly suggest doing this genre.

Different research methods that can be used are our own research reports. Library research, and internet would be ideal as well as asking professors what it is they look for when grading a report. Or what they themselves write when they have to write a professional report. I think it will be interesting to look at all different aspects of this kind of report. And I truly believe that all of us will have an interesting approach to this project. I believe that the best way to get the best result for this project would be to ask teachers what they look for and write in reports. As well as get students points of view in what they look for when reading reports, and their approach to writing. I think some important things to remember about this kind of report is the audience as well as the effects of the paper on the readers.

Christina's Proposal :

I consider complaint letters to be one of those “hidden” genres of technical writing. When thinking about types of writing to be done in the professional field, we think of writing with informative purpose; but we tend to forget this type of text. I am sure just about every company, engineering related or not, has received or written a formal letter of complaint as professionals. These kinds of letters often are turning points in companies as they determine relationships. I think it would be an interesting topic for us to explore because mastering a genre like this can help with other pieces of writing that also carry persuasive purposes. At the same time this genre itself is unique and will give us a new perspective on persuasive writing in the professional sense.

Chapters in the textbook that can be useful are to this genre are: 3- Organizing and Drafting, 5-Using Plain and Persuasive Language and 7- E-mail, E-Messages, and Memos. Web resources, which give background information on the purpose and goal of letters of complaints, will also be great tools to use. I think we can use our creativity to write our own, real, letters of complaint. If we aim to make three examples, we could split into groups of two and have three different types of letters to show three different points. We can also incorporate video and visual aids in the final webpage, as this topic might be more efficient and stronger through the use of media.

George's Proposal:

I think the most important genre to learn is a scientific poster. I'm pitching that we should teach people how to properly make posters because they are very versatile. Posters pretty much break down a person's research and illustrate them in an interesting manner. In the Marshak building we can find plenty of posters lining the walls. Don't act like you guys haven't walked by them and stopped once or twice to glance at a particular poster. I think every company in the engineering field uses scientific posters to break down their research and pitch it to a client or a senior partner or whatever the case may be. It's very crucial to properly learn how to do so.

We can do this project by focusing on making a poster on how to make a poster. One person can write the abstract, while another can focus on aesthetics, and one can do the methods which will incorporate the steps on making a poster. The discussion can talk about the importance of a poster in the future, and the data can be what a poster is used for. If we all split up the work, it should be a pretty easy task to accomplish.

Zeyad's proposal:

An important aspect in an engineer’s career, is to be able to advertise the product or invention correctly. My proposal to this project is to create a video instructing engineers or engineers in the making on how to advertise their item or ideas in the most attractive, convincing, and efficient way possible. In this video we could go through tips on how to do successfully attract potential buyers and how to approach different audiences to ensure maximum efficiency. Not knowing how to properly speak or present your invention, you could basically say goodbye to your engineering future. It is a skill that is just as important as knowing how to invent something or how something works. In the video, we can also show an example on how to successfully show off the product using the tips we would give.

We have a lot of resources that can help us. First of all, we can read lab reports to help us with knowing what important terms are needed and to what extend do we need to go into specifics. We can also go on youtube to look up videos of successful engineers advertising their products We can also do the same with TEDtalks. The textbook also has a few chapters that can give us tips. Some useful chapters are 1-Communicating in the Technical Workplace, 2-Readers and Contexts of Use, 4-Layout and Design, 8-Techincal Definitions, 9- Technical Descriptions and Specifications, and 10- Process Explanations and Instructions.


We all came together today and discussed what we would be doing for our project. We had a great pool of proposals ranging from how to make scientific posters to how to write a formal complaint letter. After talking about the benefits and disadvantages of our different proposals, we decided that we would make a video about how to introduce new products or inventions to consumers.

Market research and analysis show that excellent advertising will cause any product to sell, regardless of its quality. Many times, consumers are persuaded to purchase cheap products which promise to “Restore all meaning to their life” for $19.99(plus shipping and handling) simply because the marketer chose his words wisely. In the corporate world, executives such as Steve Jobs introduce their products through keynote speeches. The main success of a product often rests on how well it is introduced to consumers.

Because of the critical importance of the first impression of the product, we will be making a short video which will give future engineers a good understanding of how to introduce their product or new invention to the consumers. We will show two groups in our video, one as a bad example and one as a good example.

We have two different approaches that we can take to how we portray the two groups. The first approach for our video will be to have the video introduced by the narrator who will explain the point of the teaching and introduce the bad Group 1. While the bad example is played out, the narrator will occasionally interject and explain what they are doing wrong. Next, the good example will be played and the narrator will explain the good ways that group 2 explained their inventions or products.

The second approach that we may take would be the narrator being in the actually role play of bad and good groups. The video would be similarly introduced by the narrator who will explain the point of the teaching and introduce Group 1. Once group 1 starts to do poorly, the narrator will interject and the group will freeze behind them and the narrator will explain how to do it correctly. Then the video would rewind and the group would do it over again correctly.

We have all agreed that over the weekend we will do research on our topic and look for good examples to use in our project. In addition, we will watch influential speakers and salesmen and evaluate their techniques. During our next class period, we will break down and delegate the different parts of the assignment to different people. This assignment will require that we do several parts together and work in groups. This project will require much planning ahead so that when we are ready to shoot our video we won't have a lot of down time. It is going to be challenging to get all our planning, shooting, and editing done in the time frame provided. We plan to overcome this by leveraging what time we have efficiently, and by making significant progress in the actual classroom.

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