Air races in his lungs faster than he can inhale
His legs push harder with each stride
He sees his destination in front of him
Every inch is a battle, every step a civil war of the physical and mental
Before his body decides to quit for him, he arrives at the place

Nowhere is a beautiful place
Or perhaps it's more of a boundary
He rushes to enter it anyway
And, like always, it embraces him as an old friend
His race is run, his test endured, and a single feeling prevails

He lies down on the bench
The hum of the bustling city storms in one ear
All the while the whispers of the rippling current pervades his thoughts
Over the left shoulder, a metropolis booms with the clamor of business
With people throwing their money away only to ask where it went
Out of his right eye, he glances a skiff trailing along in the current

The suits are expected to spend money and gain capital
The men on the boats cast their nets and catch
Everyone has expectations of someone else
Except for in Nowhere
People rush by one by one, in packs and groups
And no one expects anything from the man on the bench

For once he lets his thoughts run rampant
Totally immersed in both worlds, he allows Nowhere to take control
His breath returns swiftly and he begins to cool down
He has found the perfect equilibrium
Worries of the world fade away like aged photographs
Until they are no longer a thought, nor a memory

The sun's rays melt away all of his stresses
Like hot wax dripping from a candle
The city persists as he watches the water trail endlessly on
Finally he has found somewhere to put all else aside and live
Sitting contently between worlds
Soothed by his Nowhere

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