Portfolio Cover Letter

This semester, Writing For Engineers has taught me much for then I originally anticipated. I initially thought I would learn templates of engineering related writing genres, and maybe complete one or two research papers as well. After looking back on the pieces I have written this semester, I have learned much more then templates and genres but also the importance and stature they have in the engineering world. I have truly learned that engineers do need to know how to write!

I have included 3 main projects in my portfolio, aside from this cover letter. I have included my midterm revision project, three pieces I have written this semester, and my group research report. My midterm project contains my original draft, a proposal for revision, a new revised piece and a self- assessment of my revision. This project was a major area of growth in my journey this semester. The group research report also platforms a great collaboration and execution of our research project as a team.

The three pieces of writing I have included are diverse, and showcase something unique. The first piece I have included was my summary portion of the reflective annotated bibliography. This was a summary of The statement of purpose in graduate program applications: Genre structure and disciplinary variation, by Betty Samraj and Lenore Monk. I am proud of this piece, as I believe it is a comprehensive and thorough review of the research paper. Usually when writing these synopses, I find myself summarizing either too much or too little, and I think this summary had the perfect balance. I am also pleased with the manor in which it correlated to my partner’s analysis section of the RAB.

The second piece I have included is my very first writing assignment I did this semester. This piece is titled, The Engineering Mindset and answered the question, “How do you believe professionals in your field of interest use writing?” I am including this piece as it is a representation of my starting point this semester, as it gages my growth as a writer. It showcases my ability to relate my outside experiences to a lesson of greater purpose. Something I admire about this piece is that I briefly mention, things like professionalism, and workplace interactions. I recognize this as a foreshadow to the discourse community research projects we conducted, and I find it interesting that I picked up on these topics before being introduced to John Swales’ piece. It is noteworthy to think about how different this piece would have been if I had redrafted this keeping in mind what I now know about discourse community.

The third piece I have included is a description of a “public art” I wrote for a class called The Arts of New York City. The task was to find a unique public art, and convince the class why it is an important piece of art and why they should care about it. This piece showcases my creativity in this assignment, as I didn’t select a typical sculpture or painting. I choose to write about a playground shaped as a man. I am proud of the way I completed this assignment because I was able to use my own inspiration and express myself through my choice.

Overall, my portfolio consists of many of the highlights of my writing this semester. Although some pieces included have not been my best pieces per se, I have learned a lot from them, and have grown as a writer because of them, which is why I have included them. Each piece does however express a specific trait or skill I possess. One of the greatest lessons I have learned from the compilation of my writing has been that it is OK to fail, and noticing failure in your writing is a success. This semester I found myself better detecting my weaker areas, and finding solutions to correct them. I now look at my writing in a new light, and can better detect my errors.

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