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Dear Reader,

Hello, and welcome to my final portfolio for the awesome Writing for Engineers course at The City College of New York! Following this letter, you will find my entire midterm project, final group project, and three other pieces that represent my skills and interests as a writer: 1) A basketball article I wrote for the Macaulay Messenger, 2) An initial study of the Kickstarter Discourse Community, and 3) A lab report for my Biology 101 class. The first two pieces are required to be in my portfolio, so let me discuss why I chose the following three pieces to be in my portfolio.

Macaulay Messenger Article
In a nutshell, this article discusses NBA teams that had high expectations for the 2012-2013 regular season having the summer to regroup. I think that this piece definitely revealed my strengths as a news and sports article writer. In high school, I frequently wrote for the school newspaper, and I’ve continued that hobby in college. However, my academic classes rarely, if ever, give me the chance to write pieces in the news article genre. Also, I personally love following sports (especially basketball), so I get excited when I’m writing about sports. Since those two elements of myself may not have been brought out in class very much (I don’t recall writing news articles in this course), I think that this piece draws attention to a lesser well-known part of my writing repertoire.

Kickstarter Discourse Community
This piece was my initial study of the Kickstarter community. I showed how Kickstarter had the six aspects of a discourse community as defined by John Swales and touched upon the idea of insiders and outsiders within the community. I chose this piece because it shows both my interest in studying online communities (specifically Kickstarter) as well as my skill in writing technical pieces. I find Kickstarter very interesting for two reasons. Not only do I enjoy browsing through hundreds of innovative projects at my leisure, I also get to ponder the question “What is Kickstarter, really, and how does everything work?” I wrote this piece in attempt to get a crack at answering that question. I followed the format of a formal report because I wanted to show that I am capable of answering a research question in an appropriate, technical genre (a research report!).

Biology 101 Lab Report
This was a lab report I was graded on for my Biology 101 course this semester. We performed an experiment testing how insecticide affected enzymes extracted from bean beetles that were raised on different diets. I chose to include this piece in my portfolio because it shows both my interest in biology as well as my ability to write a comprehensive and effective lab report (my grade was a 50/50). I’m highly interested in molecular and cellular biology and engineering (hence my research work in a microbiology lab), and I think that this lab report was the perfect way to show both my grasp on biological concepts and experience in writing technical explanations.

Thank you for reading this letter, and I hope you enjoy reading the pieces I’ve placed in my portfolio!


Brian Wang

Midterm Project

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Midterm Revision


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Other Pieces

Macaulay Messenger Article on the NBA Pre-Season

The Kickstarter Discourse Community

Biology 101 Lab Report on Bean Beetles

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