Chris's Portfolio

Hello Reader!

Welcome to my final portfolio for Engl21007.

The first section of my portfolio contains my midterm revision project. My original midterm piece analyzes our very own English class as a discourse community as defined by Swales. My revised piece discusses the potential value of implementing features of this class into other English classes.

The second section of my portfolio contains our Group Research Report that was co-written with Stephanie Bodre, James Kasakyan, Nelsyda Perez, and Peter Zupo. In this study we compared syllabi from several different engineering and liberal arts classes in order to comparatively evaluate the amount of writing done by people in each field as they progress in their major.

The third section of my proposal contains three miscellaneous pieces of writing that I decided to include in the portfolio.

The first of the miscellaneous documents is my second blog post from this semester in which I compared the writing of Swales and Branick. I thought it would be interesting to include this piece because just as Branick used Swales's definition of a discourse community to show how coaching is a discourse community, I too used Swales's model to evaluate this class as a discourse community. It was in this document that I originally decided how I would format my midterm piece.

The second of the miscellaneous documents is my unit 3 project from last semester on cytokine storms. I decided to include this piece because although it was a heavily technical genre of writing, I made sure to directly incorporate the audience of my piece into my work through phrasing questions directly to the reader at the beginning of several major sections in order set the scene for the information that was going to follow.

The third and final of the miscellaneous documents is my revised midterm from last semester entitled "Through Dying, We Live". I included this piece because i felt that it showed my versatility as a writer in my ability to write effectively in several different genres since this particular genre, narrative fiction, differs quite drastically from much of the other writing that I have done this semester.

Midterm Revision Project

-Original Midterm
-Midterm Revision Proposal
-Revised Midterm
-Midterm Revision Reflection

Group Research Report

Other Documents

-Blog Post 2 (Swales and Branick)
-Unit 3 Project Fall 2012 (Cytokine Storms)
-Midterm Fall 2012 (Through Dying, We Live)

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