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Cover Letter

Another semester has passed, and another 25,000 words has been written in Writing for Engineers.  As I look back on the body of work I’ve completed since January, it almost seems paradoxical: how could the semester have gone by that quickly when I did so much work?  Even as I thought about it now, it did not seem like a lot of writing was done.  However as I looked through the documents to include in my portfolio, it seemed like an endless amount of work.  Enough about paradoxes, though.  This portfolio was created with the goal of displaying my versatility and consistency throughout the semester, and the three pieces I chose to supplement my group report and revision project reflect that.

The first piece is one I wrote in my senior year of high school for a class called “Death and the Afterlife.”  The assignment was to write a creative piece on the subject of death, and I chose the medium of a creative short story.  My main reason for including this piece in my portfolio is because I think it provides a perfect contrast to the rest of the work I completed this semester, and my hope is that that contrast will help you see my versatility as a writer.  Whether it be a short story about death, or a formal project on how to write technical instructions, I feel I can write in any genre.  Although I also wrote a creative piece during my first semester in Writing for Engineers, this particular piece is still my favorite piece of creative writing that I’ve produced.  I hope that the fact that it was produced in high school can help you appreciate the consistency I’ve displayed as a writer.  

The second piece is the one I mentioned just moments ago—my first unit group project on writing technical instructions.  While this piece also highlights my consistency and versatility, I feel it is one of the most solid pieces of formal writing I completed in my career.  Normally I grudgingly trudge through formal assignments, but when writing this particular one I completed the whole project in one sitting and time seemed to fly by.  I think my enthusiasm reflected in my final project, which as I said is one of my most solid pieces of formal writing.  This piece also provides a nice contrast to the creative pieces I spoke about earlier.

The third and final piece I decided to include in my portfolio is blog post 4, which was a proposal for the original midterm project.  Normally a proposal is not something you would include in a final portfolio, but I think it displays the consistency in my writing that I mentioned earlier.  A lot of times people waver from their original proposals as they discover new interests or encounter unforeseen obstacles, but when looking at my midterm proposal and my midterm project, I realize I stuck to my original plan almost to perfection.  The methodology I detailed in blog post 4 is almost identical to the one I ended up using for my project, and the challenges section was spot on.  I think that the fact that I stuck to my original plan and completed the project shows not stubbornness, but consistency and careful planning.

I hope you enjoy reading through the work I’ve completed this semester.  I know I enjoyed writing it.         

Showcased Works

1. Death and Afterlife High-school Creative Writing

2. Technical Instructions Group Project

3. Blog Post 4

Group Research Report


Midterm Revision Project


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