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Welcome to my portfolio

In this portfolio, I will link various works I have created over the past year, including explanations for why such works were fundamental steps in the development of my writing. I will also link to a revision page of my midterm, which includes the before and after of the project in addition to the processes behind how I revised that piece. Lastly, you can find a link to the group project I did on "Write it-Do it" at the end of the page.

Since I began college last fall, my writing skills as well as how I viewed writing in general changed drastically. I used to view writing as a boring, monotonous tasks in which pages of essays were created to satisfy a class requirement, rather a desire to learn from one's own writing. However, in my previous English class last semester, I learned that by incorporating unique, creative details in my work, I can produce interesting writing that not only appeals to the reader, but also was intriguing and though-provoking to write about. The piece "Parallel Views of the Future" exemplifies this use of creativity, as it goes in depth into the question of what would the future be like in 20 years by comparing my theoretical view of the future with what Michio Kaku might predict the future to be.

The second piece of work I chose involved the first blog post, "The Importance of Words in Code". Since I started CSC 103 at the beginning of the semester to when I ended it a week ago, I learned a lot about how code functions as well as how many errors in wording can drastically impact the end result of one's program. As the programs become more complex, the errors I ended up receiving also increased in intensity. Thus, my view on how truly important writing was to computer science and engineering actually turned out to be pretty accurate, as it coincided with many of the experiences I had over the course of the term.

Finally, the final piece I chose for my portfolio was the third blog post, "Mirabelli and Johns Discourse Community." This piece was selected because it utilized paragraph breaks very well, containing a clearly organized and defined structure. Much of my more recent work contained too many long or chunky paragraphs that weren't properly broken down into "easier to digest" sections in which the reader wouldn't be lost by glancing off of the page.

I hope you gain an understanding of how my writing skills and overall progress as a writer has changed over time based upon these submissions.

Revised Midterm Project

Kenichi's Revised Midterm

Group Research Report

Write it-Do it Final Report

Pieces I've Chose

Blog Post 3: Mirabelli and Johns Discourse Community

Blog Post 1: The Importance of Words in Code

(Fall 2012 Midterm) Parallel Views of the Future

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