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Dear Reader,

Enclosed is my final portfolio for the class English 21007 at the City College of New York during the Spring 2013 semester. In it, it contains my final midterm revision, the final project report and three written pieces. The midterm revision and the project report are a mandatory part of the portfolio, but I hope that the choices that I have made in choosing the other three pieces accurately reflect my growth and versatility as a writer within the past semester/year.

The first piece enclosed is one that I wrote for my CHC101 (Arts in NYC) class during the Fall 2012 semester. For this paper, I physically visited the exhibit in order to do research for the paper. I decided to start off with this piece because it shows my strengths in writing a formal research paper. It shows off my strengths in formal writing as well as my ability to effectively dissect a vast amount of information.

The 2nd piece enclosed is the first formal piece of writing that I had to do for Andrew’s class. I feel that this piece represents a genre I am extremely comfortable in, an informal piece of writing about myself.

The 3rd and final piece enclosed is a section of a reflected annotated bibliography that I did late in the semester. I feel this piece represents my growth as a writer over time when compared to the other piece. I feel that this piece is more sophisticated and shows that I have grown comfortable and confident in my own writing ability.

English 21007 has definitely been an amazing class where my writing skills have been taken to a new level. I feel that it has prepared me for what lies ahead, a writing intensive career in engineering. I hope you enjoy this portfolio!

Medwin Chiu

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