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Hello, and welcome to my portfolio page. The work compiled on this webpage portrays my writing milestone I've achieved thus far in this semester. Keep in mind that this won't be the last time I'll be writing and therefore I still have room for developments.

The first piece is the very first writing I've done expressing my ideas towards engineers' writings. This was before I had built up more information on technical writing and therefore had elementary ideas on technical writing. Even though it was a novice perspective on technical writing, this piece helped me reflect on my rhetoric and style so that I can advance towards later in the semester. This piece also received a reply from Brian who agreed and disagreed, which helped me develop a new perspective on technical writing and thus correct my misconceptions.

The second piece was the description of one of of my discourse community's forum post which I was initially intrigued by. At first, when I read about the post, I thought I would be looking into other fields as well and that this was just an initial scouting. However, writing this piece helped me realize the discourse aspects of DotA and it also provoked some skeptical responses from my peers which drove me to ultimately choose this community. This writing piece not only expressed my review and analytical skills, but it also was the turning point of my discourse community research.

The last piece is not from this class, but from World Civilization class I take RIGHT after. This was the first official paper I've done and I've panicked over it so much because of all the new information that had bombarded me. I was not ready for Lucy, whose remains relate very well to our own skeletal structure, and the critical analysis on the excavations that took place for her. This paper haunted me ever since the professor's assigning to the point of handing in. However, the piece eerily seemed relatable to technical writing. Of course, I had to embellish my vocabularies and sentence structures much more than I would have for a technical writing piece, but the critical analysis of findings and expressing my point of view of such findings were no different from presenting my ideas or pitch in the engineering field. Nevertheless, this cumbersome work made me sweat, but the reward was priceless.

Midterm Project

Midterm Project

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Final Research Project

Three Pieces of Me

First Thought of Enginners' Writing

My Initial Encounter with My Discourse Community

Paper on Lucy

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