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Dear Reader,

After a year of working with Andrew Luchessi, it has all finally come full circle. One of the most important things that I want you to notice is my change over time in my works. If you look at my first showcased piece, you will see my first piece of writing from Andrew’s class last semester. In this piece, I discuss the amount of communicating, especially writing, that engineers do. Ironically enough, my final group project this year shows that engineers at CCNY are not prepared well enough, despite what I said in my first piece from last year, that engineers do a ton of writing. I think that it is very interesting that my writing has the opportunity to come full circle like this, and I hope you get the chance to notice how my writing has changed for this topic from my first post on the blog last year to the final group project this year.

When reading my final portfolio, I hope you notice my diversity in terms of style, creativity, and direction for all of the pieces presented. For my second and third showcased pieces, you will notice two very different topics with two very different styles. In the second piece you will see me analyzing an article about discourse communities and how they would relate to a sports team, while the third piece is a research paper discussing the history of the New York City Subways system for my Honors World Civilizations class. This shows that I can achieve quality writing despite the disparity in the topics. It is important to be a very well rounded writer and I think these two pieces help showcase that I can be a well-rounded writer.

The final part of my portfolio involves my midterm, midterm proposal, and midterm revision. I think this part of my portfolio is especially interesting because it is great to see how a project progresses from start to finish. Also, another great part of this midterm revision project is the personal aspect behind it. I feel that if a person has something personal to write for, they will produce some of their best works. In my midterm, I wrote about my father’s union, The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, and that is something that has helped my father, my family and I greatly throughout our lives. I hope that having this personal connection, and the progression from midterm, to proposal, to revision has helped produce some of my best writing at this part of my portfolio.

I hope that you enjoy reading my portfolio, and I thank you very much for your time. It is highly appreciated.

Peter Zupo

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